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Welcome to the CLA Diversity Website!

In response to concerns about disparities in mental health support for students in diverse and underserved populations (e.g., ethnic minorities, LGBT students, international students, students with disabilities, returning veterans, and low-income students), the CLA Diversity Action Committee hosted a town hall discussion on November 12, which included a panel of speakers discussing campus resources, challenges for students in diverse populations, and student perspectives on navigating campus support systems.

Topics raised at the forum included: seeking support from “someone who is like me,” cultural stigmas that prevent seeking help, accessibility of services (hours, location, and eligibility), options on campus and in the community for students on limited incomes, and enhancing awareness in faculty/staff advisors and among peers to recognize when students need professional support.

Our committee is currently summarizing this discussion and will provide a report to Dean Weiser identifying the major issues and our recommendations for action. If you were unable to attend the forum or respond to our earlier survey, we invite additional comments and feedback through this anonymous form:  

Thank you for your participation and input!

Additional links about the forum are available below:


Excellence in discovery, learning, and engagement can be achieved only in a diverse community of scholars committed to the free, open, and respectful exchange of ideas in all of its activities. We will continue our efforts to enlarge and sustain this community of scholars.

The College of Liberal Arts will work to...

  • Increase the diversity of the University community to reflect our multicultural society;
  • Improve the academic climate so that it is increasingly civil, respectful, accessible, and free from harassment;
  • Create and sustain an environment that supports intellectual inquiry, cultural enhancement, and awareness of broader issues.

Within the College of Liberal Arts a number of faculty, staff, and students champion diversity and inclusion in a variety of venues. See the following websites for more information:

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