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Graduate Research Internal Funding

Support for graduate students' research may come from the resources available for their major professor's research program. Academic departments and graduate IDIS programs may also have resources to support the research of graduate students. 

In addition, the Purdue University Graduate School helps graduate students search for research funding. The Graduate School offers a Funding Database that enables current or prospective students to search for funding opportunities using keywords or actual award names. Types of funding include grants, employment, and loans. Visit Graduate School Funding Info for Students to get other information about where to look for funding, how to prepare applications, and how to evaluate an offer of funding.

The Graduate School Fellowship Manual is a guide for everyone who is involved in the fellowship process. The manual contains policies, guidelines, award provisions, and more. The Graduate School Fellowship Office ( or 765-494-2598) can also answer questions about fellowships.

Global Synergy Research Grants (Students)

With the funding from the Office of the President, the College of Liberal Arts is pleased to announce the third year of the Global Synergy Research Student grant program.

By fostering innovation and excellence in international and global research among undergraduate and graduate students in the College of Liberal Arts, this program seeks to enhance Purdue’s national and international reputation of research in the arts, humanities, and social sciences.

It will provide financial support for three kinds of student research projects: (a) research proposed in collaboration with an individual faculty member at an international institution; (b) collaborative student projects involving faculty in the CLA at Purdue partnering with faculty at an international institution; and (c) collaborative student projects at the institutional level that involve the CLA at Purdue and an international institution. Student projects should have at least one faculty sponsor from each institution in order to qualify for the grant.

Emphases will be given on projects that engage partnerships in strategic geographic areas identified by the University including Latin America, South and Southeast Asia; however, research projects in other regions will also be considered. Students may earn research credits for their work on the grant through collaboration with a sponsoring faculty member.

Eligibility: All CLA undergraduate and graduate students are eligible to apply. A student may submit only one application per year. International students are eligible to apply for these grants, with the conditions being that (1) the international collaborating institution should not be the one from which the students earned their bachelor’s or master’s degree and that (2) the international collaborating faculty should not be the one with whom the students worked prior to coming to Purdue.
Number of Awards: Budgeted at a total support of $50K per year from the Office of the President, the program will fund approximately two to six projects annually. Each grant will be for one calendar year. The budget for each project will be between $5K and $25K.
Deadline: September 19, 2014
Click HERE for application cover page.
Click HERE for full announcement sent from Hyunyi Cho to CLA faculty on August 15, 2014.

PRF Research Grants

The PRF Research Grants are one-year awards made by the Office of the Vice President for Research to assist faculty who supervise Ph.D. research in the development of new or the continuation of ongoing research projects by providing support for a half-time (0.50FTE) PRF Research Assistantship for a 12-month period. In some departments these grants are used to provide funds to a faculty member for a Research Assistant, and in others they are used to support graduate students working on their dissertations. Faculty and students should contact their department head or graduate studies director to determine how the grants are being administered in the department.

Faculty Eligibility: Graduate faculty members who supervise Ph.D. research

Student Eligibility: Graduate students in good standing who are working for the Ph.D. degree may be appointed as PRF Research Assistants

Application: 5 double-spaced pages and supporting documents

Funding level: Salary for a half-time RA plus graduate student medical insurance and fringe benefits

Deadline: Provided in an e-mail announcement to department heads in the fall semester, who then inform their faculty of the department’s deadline

Webpage: OVPR - PRF Research Grants

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