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Clawson PictureWelcome to the Department of Political Science. Our faculty currently has research and teaching interests in the fields of political behavior and institutions, public policy, international relations, comparative politics, political theory, and methods. However, we frequently emphasize intersections across fields and across disciplines. Many of our faculty have expertise and interests in more than one field. Several also have formal appointments in disciplines such as Earth, Atmospheric, and Planetary Science, Economics, African American Studies, Communication, and Sociology. We also have relationships with Psychology and Economics with whom we have dual masters programs, Women's Studies, the Purdue Climate Change Research Center, the Purdue Global Policy Research Institute, the Latin American Studies Center, and the Asian Studies Center. The Purdue Political Science Department emphasizes an interdisciplinary outlook. Aside from its strengths in political institutions, the department also is especially noted for work in the areas of race, ethnicity, gender, and class, in environmental and climate change policies, and in civic norms and social ties relating to crisis situations.        Rosalee A. Clawson, Department Head and Professor


             Visiting Assistant Professor Natasha Duncan

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