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Nadia Brown

Nadia E. Brown

Assistant Professor, Political Science, African-American Studies

Ph.D Rutgers University
B.A. Howard University, Magna Cum Laude

Curriculum Vitae
Office Hours: TTh 11:00-12:00 and 1:30-2:00; by appointment
Office: BRNG 2249
Office Phone: (765) 494-0460
Office Fax: (765) 494-0833


American Politics
African American Studies
Women and Politics


Spring 2015
POL 326 - Black Political Participation in America
AAS 370 - Black Women Rising

 Fall 2014
On Leave

Summer 2014
POL 326 Black Political Participation in America

Spring 2014
AAS 271 - Introduction to African American Studies

Fall 2013
AAS 271 - Introduction to African American Studies



Go to "Sisters in the Statehouse: Black Women and Legislative Decision Making" pageNadia E. BrownSisters in the Statehouse: Black Women and Le… (Oxford Press, 2014).
Reviwed in: National Political Science Review, and on the London School of Economics (LSE) Book  
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Refereed Journal Articles

Brown, Nadia and Sarah Allen Gershon. Forthcoming. "Intersectional Presentations: An Exploratoratory Study of Minority Congresswomen's Websites Biographies."  Du Bois Review.

Brown, Nadia and Lisa Young. Forthcoming. "Ratchet Politics: Moving Beyond Black Women's Bodies to Indict Institutions and Structures." National Political Science Review.

Electoral Trend Data 1995

Minta, Michael and Nadia Brown, 2014. "Intersecting Interests: Gender, Race and Congressional Attention to Women's Issues." Du Bois Review 11(2): 253-272. 

Brown, Nadia. 2014.  “Political Participation of Women of Color: An Intersectional Analysis.” Journal of Women, Politics & Policy 35(4): 315-48.

Brown, Nadia. 2014. "Black Women's Pathways to the Statehouse: The Impact of Race/Gender Identities." National Political Science Review. 16, 81-96.

Orey, B. D'Andra, Nadia Brown. 2014. "Black Women State Legislators - Elector Trend Data 1995-2011." National Political Science Review, 16, 143-147.

Brown, Nadia. 2014. "It's More Than Hair...And You Do Care: The Politics of Appearance for Black Women State Legislators." Politics, Groups, and Identities. 2(3), 295-312.

Banks, Kira Hudson, Tracey Murray, Nadia Brown and Wizdom Powell Hammond. 2014. "The Impact of Feminist Attitudes on the Relation between Racial Awareness and Racial Identity." Sex Roles: A Research Journal, 70(5-6), 232-239.

Brown, Nadia, and Kira Hudson Banks. 2014. Black Women’s Agenda Setting in the Maryland State Legislature. 
Journal of African American Studies, 18(2), 164-180.

Book Chapters

Brown, Nadia, Guillermo Caballero, Fernando Tormos, Allison Wong, Sharonda Woodford, Forthcoming. "Black  Women Lawmakers and 2nd Wave Feminism: An Intersectional Analysis on Generational Cohorts within Southern State Legislatures from 1990-2014.) In 18 Million Cracks: The Legacy on Second-Wave Feminism In American Politics, eds. Angie Maxwell and Todd Shields. The University of Arkansas Press.

Brown, Nadia. 2013. “Black Women’s Legislative Influence.” In Black Women in Leadership: Their Historical and Contemporary Contributions, eds. Dannielle J. Davis & Cassandra Chaney. New York: Peter Lang Publishing.

Junn, Jane and Nadia Brown. 2008.   “What revolution? Incorporating intersectionality in women and politics.” In Political Women and American Democracy, eds. Christina Wolbrecht, Karen Beckwith, and Lisa Baldez. (pp. 64-78) New York: Cambridge University Press.   

Manuscripts under Review

 "Personal Narratives and Representation Strategies: Using C-Span Oral Histories to Examine Key Concepts in Minority Representation." (with Michael D. Minta and Valeria Sinclair-Chapman) Book Chapter Manuscript

“To Our Mutual Good: Embodying Black Feminism in A Black Male/Black Female Mentoring Relationship.”
(with Jonathan C. Smith) Book Chapter Manuscript

Submissions under Preparation

“The Intersectionality of Race, Gender and Party: Examination of Bill Sponsorship in State Legislators.” (with Byron D’Andra Orey) Article Manuscript

"Loving my Hair, Body, and Skin tone: Radical Black Feminist Autoethnographic Practice in Political Science." Article Manuscript

"Hermanas and Sistahs Do It Differently: The Intersectional Priorities of Latina and African American Congresswomen." (with Amy Knutsen*) Article Manuscript

"Personal Narratives and Representation Strategies: Using C-Span Oral Histories to Examine Key Concepts in Minority Representation." (with Michael D. Minta and Valeria Sinclair-Chapman) Article Manuscript

Co-Leader, Diversity and Inclusion: Policy Working Group (with Valeria Sinclair-Chapman)

Co-Editor, Minority Women in U.S. Politics (with Sarah Allen Gershon), Book Manuscript

*denotes graduate student co-author 


C-SPAN Educational Foundation Grant (2014) - $2,500 (with Michael Minta and Valeria Sinclair-Chapman

Marguerite Ross Barnett Research Grant, American Political Science Association (2014) - $1,200

Butler Center: Faculty Scholar Grant, Purdue University (2014) - $1,500