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Aaron Hoffman

Aaron M. Hoffman

Associate Professor of Political Science, Graduate Placement Director

Ph.D. University of Pittsburgh
M.A. University of Pittsburgh
B.A. Columbia University


Curriculum Vitae
Office Hours: M 1:00-2:30; W 2:30-4:00; by appointment
Office: BRNG 2246
Office Phone: (765) 496-6775
Office Fax: (765) 494-0833
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International Relations


Spring 2015
POL 130 - Introduction to International Relations

Fall 2014
POL 630 - ProSeminar: International Relations
POL 695 - Placement Seminar

Spring 2014
POL 130 - Introduction to International Relations
POL 693 - P2P: Paper to Publication


Professor Hoffman's research focuses on bargaining and communication in matters relating to international security. Specific projects include work on terrorism and the mass media, public support for US military operations, and trust in interstate conflict.

Selected Publications

Aleprete, Jr., Michael E. and Aaron M. Hoffman 2012 "The Strategic Development of Border Areas:  Understanding Variation in Interaction Opportunity Across Land Borders" International Interactions 38:1, pp. 1-28.

Hoffman, Aaron M., Dwaine H.A. Jengeley, Natasha T. Duncan, Melissa Buehler, and Meredith L. Rees 2010 "How Does the Business of News Influence Terrorism Coverage? Evidence from The Washington Post and USA Today." Terrorism and Political Violence 22:4, pp. 559-580.

Hoffman, Aaron M. 2010 "Voice and Silence in Terrorist Campaigns." Journal of Peace Research 47:5, pp. 615-626.

Hoffman, Aaron M., Christopher R. Agnew, Justin J. Lehmiller, and Natasha T. Duncan 2009 "Satisfaction, Alternatives, Investments, and the Microfoundations of Audience Cost Models. International Interactions. 35:4, pp. 365-389.