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Peace Studies at Purdue

Director - Harry Targ,

The Peace Studies Minor is the result of a generous donation made by Fred and Ruth Graf, alumni of Purdue University. The Peace Studies Minor gives undergraduate students an opportunity to explore causes of war, conditions of peace and how to avoid the former and promote the latter. The program adopts an interdisciplinary approach to examine some of the basic questions of our time: what is peace, what is conflict, and how can one be promoted and the other prevented?

Such a study focuses on various levels of social organizations. It ranges from individual to the family, from small group to the nation, from non-governmental organizations to the international community. The central questions relate to: the social, psychological, and material determinants of aggression; the role of individuals, families, and other institutions in generating aggressive or peaceful societies; the sources of social inequalities, methods and techniques of portraying others; and the role of such portrayal in the processes of making or breaking communities.

Video Introducing Interdisciplinary Programs at Purdue (via YouTube)

Purdue e-giftIt is now even easier to donate to the Peace Studies Program using Purdue-gift. Purdue-gift makes it simple to make a gift by credit card to Purdue.

Go to the following web address:

Click on "Make a Gift," choose "Other" from a dropdown menu, then type Peace Studies Program in the text box, enter some information about yourself, submit your payment information, and the transaction is completed through Purdue's secure server. Make your gift now in three easy steps. It takes just a few minutes.

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