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Handlist, SM-401 - SM-500

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Accession number Library Roll number Ms. number Title Provenance Date Number of slides
SM-0401 Bodleian R202.3 Miscellany (Heraldry) Heraldry exhibition, Pt. I, early heraldry, rolls of arms, armorials & pedigrees English
22 frames
SM-0402 Bodleian R203.3 MS. Canon. Misc. 476 Mary’s childhood: scenes from The Acts of Mary & Jesus Italian 14th 24 frames
SM-0403 Bodleian R203.5 Miscellany (Heraldry) Heraldry exhibition, Pt. II Various c.1490 62 frames
SM-0404 Bodleian R203.10 MS. Bodl. 264, pt. I Archery Flemish c.1338-1344 7 frames
SM-0405 Bodleian R203.11 MS. Rawl. B. 21 Album Amicorum, including some fine pictures of costume Flemish after 1592 25 frames
SM-0406 Bodleian R203.12 MS. Canon. Liturg. 8 Psalm initials: from an Augustinian Psalter Italian 3rd quarter of 15th 7 frames
SM-0407 Bodleian R204.13 Miscellany (Heraldry) Further examples of heraldry English, French, Flemish 12th-17th 12 frames
SM-0408 Bodleian R205.1 MS. Add. A. 185 Sir Walter Ralegh's Book of Hours. French c.1440-50 41 frames
SM-0409 Bodleian R205.3 Miscellany (Midwives) The midwife in biblical history & legend French, Italian, English 13th-16th 12 frames
SM-0410 Bodleian R205.5 Miscellany (Italian manuscripts ..., 14th to 16th centuries) Selections from 3 Venetian MSS., mainly biblical subjects Italian 15th 15 frames
SM-0411 Bodleian R205.8 Miscellany Holkham Italian MSS. Italian 11th-15th 8 frames
SM-0412 Bodleian R205.11 MS. Rawl. D. 939, pts. 1, 6 New Testament, scenes, from a calendar, English English c.1370 4 frames
SM-0413 Bodleian R205.13 MS. Canon. Liturg. 343 New Testament, scenes, from Cistercian Breviary Italian late 15th 10 frames
SM-0414 Bodleian R205.14 Miscellany (Astrology) Early science: scientific calculations & drawings English, French, Italian 14th-15th 14 frames
SM-0415 Bodleian R205.16 MS. Bodl. 764 Birds from a bestiary English 13th 36 frames
SM-0416 Bodleian R206.2 MS. Auct. D. 4. 2 Miniatures & historiated initials Flemish c.1276 19 frames
SM-0417 Bodleian R206.4 MS. Laud Lat. 84 Miniatures & historiated initials Flemish 1st quarter of 14th 18 frames
SM-0418 Bodleian R206.5 MS. Douce 23 Miniatures & historiated initials, from a Gallican Psalter, N.W. French French c.1300 10 frames
SM-0419 Bodleian R207.2 Miscellany (Hunting) Hunting French, Italian 15th-14th 10 frames
SM-0420 Bodleian R207.4 MS. Bodl. 270b, fols. 42r-48r Aaron & Moses (Exodus iv, 9-xiv, 31) French c.1250 28 frames
SM-0421 Bodleian R207.13 Merton College MS. 317 Josephus, 8 illustrations of the Antiquities & 1 of the Jewish Wars, Liege French 3rd quarter of 12th 9 frames
SM-0422 Bodleian R207.14 Merton College MS. 206 Initials from an Italian Bible, Naples Italian late 13th 10 frames
SM-0423 Bodleian R208.4 Miscellany Middle English romances & related manuscripts English 13th-16th 35 frames
SM-0424 Bodleian R208.6 Miscellanu (Insects) Pictures of bees & other insects Various 13th-16th 25 frames
SM-0425 Bodleian R210.2 Miscellany (Venus) Venus & other mythological characters English, French, Italian 15th 10 frames
SM-0426 Bodleian R210.3 MS. Bodl. 270b, fols. 47v-53r Exodus & the Law: from French Bible Moralisee French c.1250 35 frames
SM-0427 Bodleian R210.4 Miscellany (Music) More musical instruments English, French, Flemish 12th-15th 17 frames
SM-0428 Bodleian R210.5 Miscellany (Chaucer) Chaucer, The Pardoner’s Tale English, French, Flemish 13th-16th 12 frames
SM-0429 Bodleian R210.6 New College MS. 7 Old Testament: excluding Psalms French 13th 22 frames
SM-0430 Bodleian R214.4 MS. Digby 233 Aegidius de Columna: miniatures & decoration English 15th 8 frames
SM-0431 Bodleian R187.2 MS. Laud Misc. 653 Froissart: fragments of a chronicle of England written in French Flemish 15th 10 frames
SM-0432 Bodleian R211.3 MS. Douce 256 Book of Hours, including landscapes & architec­tural borders, realistic flowers, birds & insects Flemish early 16th 38 frames
SM-0433 Bodleian R211.4 MS. Bodl. 264, pt. 1 Dogs, from the Romance of Alexander Flemish 1338-44 14 frames
SM-0434 Bodleian R211.5 Miscellany (Bible) Pentateuch, from a 13th c. French Bible Moralisee & the Bohun Psalter French, English 13th-14th 9 frames
SM-0435 Bodleian R211.7 MS. Douce 195 Romance of the Rose, French French 1487-95 20 frames
SM-0446 Bodleian R212.9 Miscellany (Anthony (St.) of Egypt) St. Anthony Abbot Various 14th-16th 9 frames
SM-0437 Bodleian R212.10 Miscellany (David, King) David with bells: Psalm 80/81 ‘Exultate Deo” Various 12th-15th 15 frames
SM-0438 Bodleian R212.11 Miscellany (Bells) Bells Various 14th-15th 11 frames
SM-0439 Bodleian R213.1 n/a English Romanesque sculpture from Oxfordshire & Gloucestershire English

SM-0440 Bodleian R213.2 n/a Medieval wall-paintings from the Oxford region

SM-0441 Bodleian R214.1 Miscellany (Bible) Old Testament illustrations French 13th-16h c. 17 frames
SM-0442 Bodleian R214.2 Miscellany (Ark of the Covenant) The Ark of the Covenant English, French 14th-15th 20 frames
SM-0443 Bodleian R214.3 Miscellany (Slavonic manuscripts and culture) Glagolitic MSS., from 5 Slavonic MSS., 15th c. Dalmatian, Byzantine 15th 7 frames
SM-0444 Bodleian R217.12 MS. Selden Supra 38, pt. II, fols. 39r-69r Cathedrale de Chartres 76 English c.1320-30 23 frames
SM-0445 Bodleian R214.5 Miscellany (Wolsey, cardinal Thomas; etc.) 2 Tudor MSS., including illustrations of Cavendish’s ‘Life of Wolsey’ English 16th 11 frames
SM-0446 Bodleian R214.7 New College MS. 288 A Life of William of Wykeham, English English c.1464 4 frames
SM-0447 Bodleian R214.8 MS. Top. Glouc. d. 2 Tewkesbury benefactors’ book English early 16th 25 frames
SM-0448 Bodleian R214.12 MS. Selden Supra 38, pt. 1 Enfancie de nostre Seignour, from an apocryphal life of Christ French c.1320-30 60 frames
SM-0449 Bodleian R215.1 Miscellany (Chaucer) Chaucer, The Franklin’s Tale Various 13th-15th 20 frames
SM-0450 Bodleian R215.2 Miscellany (Chaucer) Chaucer, The Pardoner’s Tale English, Flemish, fre 14th-16th 10 frames
SM-0451 Bodleian R215.3 Miscellany (Justice, medieval) Justice Various 11th-16th 21 frames
SM-0452 Bodleian R215.4 Miscellany (Chaucer) Chaucer, The Clerk’s Tale French, Flemish, English 13th-15th 18 frames
SM-0453 Bodleian R214.6 Miscellany (Printing) Tudor printed books Various 15th-17th 11 frames
SM-0454 Bodleian R217.1 MS. Douce 88, pts. B-C English Bestiary English 13th 15 frames
SM-0455 Bodleian R217.2 MS. Douce 88, pt. E English Bestiary English 13th 10 frames
SM-0456 Bodleian R210.9 MS. Douce 5, fols. 38v-105r Portable Psalter Flemish c.1320-30 67 frames
SM-0457 Bodleian R210.7 New College MS. 7 New Testament Initials French 13th 12 frames
SM-0458 Bodleian R210.8 New College MS. 7 Psalm Initials French 13th 9 frames
SM-0459 Bodleian R130.2 MS. Bodl. 352 Apocalypse illustrations. German early 12th 22 frames
SM-0460 Bodleian Series 11, no 15 Miscellany Jacobs Ladder Douce Apocalypse English 13th
SM-0461 Bodleian R139.3 MS. Douce 180 The Douce Apocalypse' English before 1272 21 frames
SM-0462 Bodleian R166.10 MS. Douce 180 Horses & Harness from Douce Apocalypse English before 1272 6 frames
SM-0463 Bodleian R166.12 MS. Douce 180 The artist at work from Douce Apocalypse English before 1272 16 frames
SM-0464 Bodleian R167.9 MS. Auct. D. 4. 17 Apocalypse English before 1272 36 frames
SM-0465 Bodleian R167.10 MS. Douce 180 Douce Apocalypse English before 1272 26 frames
SM-0466 Bodleian R196.21 New College MS. 65 Apocalypse English 14th 45 frames
SM-0467 Bodleian R198.13 Miscellany (Apocalyses) Apocalypse English 13th-14th 24 frames
SM-0468 Bodleian R219.2 MS. Selden Supra 38, pt. II, fols. 70v-129r Selden Apocalypse (Part I) English c.1320-30 38 frames
SM-0469 Bodleian R172.4 MS. Junius 11 Life in Anglo-Saxon England English c.1000 41 frames
SM-0470 Bodleian R172.5 MS. Junius 11 Genesis, 'The Caedmon Manuscript' English c.1000 37 frames
SM-0471 Bodleian R218.11 MS. Douce 5, fols. 105v-137r Psalter, Flemish. Ghent c.1320-30 32 frames
SM-0472 Bodleian R177.5 MS. Douce b. 2 Artillery Portugese 1582 14 frames
SM-0473 Bodleian R177.6 MS. Douce b. 2 Mechanisms Portugese 1582 6 frames
SM-0474 Bodleian R177.7 MS. Douce b. 2 Tools Portugese 1582 23 frames
SM-0475 Bodleian R182.4 Miscellany (Science, history of) Arithmetic Various 11th-17th 9 frames
SM-0476 Bodleian R184.8 MS. Douce 346 The Nuremberg Schembart festival German c.1640 34 frames
SM-0477 Bodleian R196.13 MS. Ashmole Rolls 45 Parliament roll, Procession of the House of Lords, 1512, 17th-century copy English 17th 13 frames
SM-0478 Bodleian R198.6-8 Miscellany (Christopher (St.)) St. Christopher Various 14th-16th 43 frames
SM-0479 Bodleian R201.4 Miscellany (Astrology) Astrology English 38 frames
SM-0480 Bodleian R207.12 Merton College MS. 111 Peter Lombard, Sentences English c.1300 5 frames
SM-0481 Bodleian R212.8 Miscellany (Oxford University) Bodleian Library: Miscellany of famous MSS. English, American 12th-19th 7 frames
SM-0482 Bodleian R217.3 MS. Ashmole 1511 The Ashmole Bestiary English c.1200 10 frames
SM-0483 Bodleian R217.4 MS. e Mus. 136 Bestiary Dutch 13th 13 frames
SM-0484 Bodleian R217.5 MS. Bodl. 533 Bestiary English early 13th 12 frames
SM-0485 Bodleian R217.6 MS. Douce 151 Bestiary English c.1300 14 frames
SM-0486 Bodleian R217.7 University College MS. 120 Bestiary English c.1300 12 frames
SM-0487 Bodleian R217.8 Miscellany (English manuscripts, medieval) Anglo-Saxon illumination English 9th-11th 15 frames
SM-0488 Bodleian R217.9 MS. Lat. misc. b. 2 (R) A pedigree of the Kings of England and armorial of the patrons of Tewkesbury Abbey, Tewkesbury English c.1435 and addition c.1475-8 16 frames
SM-0489 Bodleian R217.10 MS. Gr. th. f. 1 Selection, mainly Virgin Mary, from Menologion. Greek 1st half of 14th 10 frames
SM-0490 Bodleian R217.11 MS. Rawl. liturg. d. 6 Private prayer book, made probably for Vladislav II, king of Bohemia and Hungary Polish c.1470-80 14 frames
SM-0491 Bodleian R218.1 Miscellany (Gardens) Garden of love French 15th-18th 14 frames
SM-0492 Bodleian R218.2 MS. Digby 46 Fortune-telling tracts: Bernardus Silvester, etc. English 14th 40 frames
SM-0493 Bodleian R218.3 MS. Gr. th. f. 1 Byzantine feast-days, Thessalonika Greek 14th 5 frames
SM-0494 Bodleian R218.4 MS. Douce 91 Marguerite de Navarre, La Coche ou le Debat de l'Amour French 1541 11 frames
SM-0495 Bodleian R196.20 MS. Douce 180 Heraldry from the 'Douce Apocalypse' English before 1272 7 frames
SM-0496 Bodleian R218.6 MS. Douce 134 Antichrist French c.1450-70 4 frames
SM-0497 Bodleian R218.7 MS. Douce 134 The Last Judgement French c.1450-70 7 frames
SM-0498 Bodleian R218.8 MS. Douce 134 Heaven and its saints French c.1450-70 11 frames
SM-0499 Bodleian R218.9 MS. Douce 134 Hell and its devils French c.1450-70 16 frames
SM-0500 Bodleian R218.10 Miscellany (Prophecies) Prophecies of popes English, Italian 14th-17th 39 frames

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