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Research Center

The research component of the African American Studies and Research Center sponsors numerous lecture series, symposia, and programs including the Harriet A. Jacobs Lecture series, the W.E.B. DuBois lecture series, a Talkin' & Testifyin' works in progress series, Conversations on the Diaspora, and our annual Symposium on African American Culture & Philosophy. The research component is structured to enhance courses and extend understanding of the African Diaspora. Scholars and artists such as Jamaica Kincaid, John Kurewa, Houston Baker, Patricia Hill Collins, Vincent Harding, Delores Aldridge, Henry Louis Gates Jr., Darlene Clark Hine and Ntozake Shange have participated in lectures sponsored by the African American Studies and Research Center. Students are encouraged to participate in the AASRC sponsored programs.

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Activities of the Research Center:

  • Sponsors an annual symposium series on African American Culture and Philosophy
  • Sponsors programs and events consistent with the Center's foci and that extend and/or enrich the curricular offerings of the Center
  • Coordinates scholarly and service recognitions and awards
  • Provides information and communication resources including, NOMMO: The Power of the Word (newsletter).
  • Maintains linkages with related academic programs, organizations, and agencies within and beyond Purdue University
  • Provides forums to facilitate scholarly inquiry, discussion, and collaborative research on themes related to African American Studies and the African Diaspora
  • Facilitates implementation of the Center's strategic goals, especially on internationalization and increasing the visibility of the Center
  • Provides archival and repository support for the Center
  • Assists the Center with procurement of developmental and extra-mural funding

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