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The Calendar section for the Department of History has been made available to help coordinate personal calendars. It will include meetings, classes, deadlines for assorted submissions and department programs. The public is extended an open invitation to attend our programs. Programs that require special invitation will be noted as such. For further information click on the links provided.

Please contact the Department of History at with any questions.

8.19.2013 Mon CLASSES BEGIN
9.2.2013 Mon LABOR DAY (No classes)
9.6.2013 Fri 1:30 UNIV 319 History Honors Homecoming
9.30.2013 Mon 6:15 RAWL 1062 "Meeting at a Far Meridian: Cultural Diplomacy and the first US-USSR Joing Film Project in the Early 1960's" Marsh Siefert, Associate Professor, Central European University flyer
10.7-8.2013 Mon-Tues OCTOBER BREAK
10.10.2013 Thurs 7:00 pm Elliott Hall of Music Sears Lecture - Madeleine Albrights
10.22.2013 Tues 3:15-4:15 PM STEW 310 Gao Yi, Professor and Chair, Dept. of History
Peking University
"French Revolutionary Violence and Modern Chinese Nation-State Building:  An Analysis of the Culture Between the Two Revolutions"
12.7.2013 CLASSES END
12.9-14.2013 Mon-Sat FINAL EXAMS
12.14.2013 Sat SEMESTER ENDS
12.15.2013 Sun COMMENCEMENT
12.17.2013 Tues Grades due