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Melinda Zook

Melinda S. Zook

Professor of History, Director of History Honors Program; Director of Religious Studies

Ph.D. Georgetown University, 1993

Office Hours: Spring 2015: 11:30-12:30 & by appointment
Office: UNIV 327
Office Phone: (765) 494-4134
Office Fax: (765) 496-1755


Early Modern European History, Tudor-Stuart England, political thought and culture, women and gender


Hist 421 Honors Historical Methods
Hist 602 Graduate Research Seminar: Political Culture in Early Modern England

Hist 512 England Under the Stuarts

Hist 103: Introduction to the Medieval World

Hist 195: The Historian’s Craft: History & Film

Hist 228: The Real Game of Thrones – England before 1660

Hist 229: The History of Modern England

Hist 421: Honors Historical Research

Hist 511: England Under the Tudors

Hist 512 England Under the Stuarts

Melinda S. Zook received her Ph.D. from Georgetown University in 1993. She is a specialist in the history of Tudor and Stuart England, political thought, religion and women in the early modern Europe. Professor Zook teaches courses on the English history, medieval world, the history of women, film and Shakespeare. She has published articles on radical politics, martyrdom, women and religion, and queenship. Her book, Radical Whigs and Conspiratorial Politics in late Stuart England was published by Penn State press in 1999 and in paperback in 2009. In 2013, she published Protestantism, Politics and Women in Britain, 1660-1714 with Palgrave.  She is the co-editor of Revolutionary Currents: Nation Building in the Transatlantic World (2004) and Challenging Orthodoxies: The Social and Cultural World of Early Modern Women (2014).

List of Publications

Book:  Protestantism, Politics, and Women in Britain 1660-1714  Radical Whigs and Conspiratorial Politics in Late Stuart England  Revolutionary Currents Challenging Orthodoxies