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Global Studies Minor

In a world where geo-political boundaries have less meaning than in the past and where economic issues since the late twentieth century have created a global economy, students at Purdue University merit the opportunity to learn about cross-cultural affairs that will affect their private and public lives. They need to become as well-educated and informed as possible in order to participate in a world delineated less by time and space and more by the meaning and significance of cultural differences. The Liberal Arts Global Studies Minor offers students at Purdue University the opportunity to prepare for lives, including work, travel, and study, in an international, that is, global context.

The Global Studies Minor offers a rich array of area and comparative studies courses and provide linkages between cross-cultural academic work and study abroad programs. The Global Studies Minor will help students better understand world affairs in past and present cultural contexts that will inform and enrich their lives.

Global Studies Minor Plan of Study

Video Introducing Interdisciplinary Programs at Purdue (via YouTube)