2006 Conference. Aug. 31st - Sept. 3rd. Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN USA

Conference Program

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Thursday, August 31, 2006

8:00am - 4:30pm   Registration,
Location: East Foyer, First Floor, Stewart Center

9:00am - 5:00pm

9:00am - 3:30pm


Pre-Conference Workshops:

2:00pm - 5:00pm   Book Fair,
Location: STEW 302/306
2:00pm - 3:30pm   Session I (meeting rooms listed below)

Romantic Historicism (STEW 218C/D, Thu Aug 31, 2pm)

Tracy Collins (English, Purdue U), Moderator

Crystal Lake (English, U of Missouri, Columbia), "Ruined!: Radical Women Writers and Images of Antiquarian Architecture"

Greg Kucich (English, U of Notre Dame), "The History Girls: Romanticism and the Uses of History in Women's Educational Writings"

Timothy Campbell (English, Indiana U), "Sophia Lee's Kenilworth 'Mechanics': Manufacturing Romantic Historicism in The Recess"

Explorations (STEW 202, Thu Aug 31, 2pm)

Elizabeth A. Neiman (English, U of Wisconsin, Milwaukee), Moderator

Dometa Wiegand (English, U of Minnesota), "Astronomy and Empire:  The Pathos of Demystification in Lamia"

Siobhan Carroll (English, Indiana U), "The Ends of the Earth: The Arctic in the Romantic Imagination"

Special Session, organized by James Allard: Erasmus Darwin and the Life Sciences (STEW 214A, Thu Aug 31, 2pm)

James Allard (English, Brock U), Moderator

Robert O'Kell (English, U of Manitoba), "Milton, Erasmus Darwin, and Malthus: The Temporal, Religious and Literary Contexts of the Zoonomia"

Michelle Faubert (English, U of Manitoba), "Thomas Beddoes and Erasmus Darwin's Illegitimate Literary Progeny"

Kirsten Martin (English, Queen's U), "The Relationship Between Erasmus Darwin's 'The Loves of the Plants' of 1789 and Lucretius' "De Rerum Natura"

Special Session, organized by Jacques Khalip, Inhibiting Scientia: Romanticism and the Ethics of Knowledge I (STEW 206, Thu Aug 31, 2pm)

Jacques Khalip (English, McMaster U), Moderator

Karen Weisman (English, U of Toronto), "Elegy and Culpability:  Poetics and Lamentation at the Site of Guilt"

Sara Guyer (English and Mosse/Weinstein Center for Jewish Studies, U of Wisconsin, Madison), "The Poetry of Others"

Thomas Pfau (English and German, Duke U), " Becoming without Knowing: on the Ethics and Writing of Teleological and Variational Models of Development"

Knowing Your Place I: Nineteenth-Century India (STEW 322, Thu Aug 31, 2pm)

Sara Maurer (English, U of Notre Dame), Moderator

Diana Ostrander (English, Anoka Technical College), "Wordsworth in the Himalayas: WD Arnold's Vision of Western Enlightenment"

David Thomas (English, U of Notre Dame), "Debating Political Legitimation in British India:  Views from Late-Victorian Periodical Discourse"

Mary Ellis Gibson (Women's Studies, University of North Carolina, Greensboro), "Technologies of Knowledge: Creating English Language Poetry in Nineteenth-Century India"

Letitia Landon and Her Circle (STEW 318, Thu Aug 31, 2pm)

Jason Goldsmith (English, Butler U), Moderator

Brandy Ryan (English, U of Toronto), "'What is mind in woman but revealing?': The Creation of a Poetic Economy in the Elegies of Hemans, Landon, and Barrett"

Iulia David, (Comparative Literature, U of Western Ontario), "Becoming the Work of Art: The Allegorical Woman in Letitia Elizabeth Landon's 'History of the Lyre'"

Special Session, organized by Marshall Olds, 'Off with her head!...God save the Queen!': Queens and Queenliness in 19th-Century France, England, and America (STEW 314, Thu Aug 31, 2pm)

Marshall Olds (Willa Cather Professor and Professor of Modern Languages, U of Nebraska), Moderator

Christin Mamiya (Art History, U of Nebraska, Lincoln), "Negotiating Authority: The Visual Rhetoric of Queenship in 19th-Century French Portraiture"

Laura Mooneyham White (English, U of Nebraska, Lincoln), "Dethroning the Domestic Queen in Alice"

Kenneth J. Winkle (Sorensen Professor of American History, U of Nebraska, Lincoln), "Sister in Grief:  Mary Lincoln's Victorian Widowhood"

Beating the Mother's Breast (STEW 320, Thu Aug 31, 2pm)

Oana Chivoiu (English, Purdue U), Moderator

D. B. Ruderman (English, U of Michigan), "Traces of the Mother's Body in Erasmus Darwin's Zoonomia and Coleridge's Opus Maximum"

Emily Harrington (English, U of Michigan), "'Appraise love and divide': Measuring Love in Meter in Augusta Webster's Mother and Daughter"

Amy D'Antonio (English, Arizona SU), "'Brought up by Hand': Artificial Milk, Natural Taste, and Consumer Mothering"

The Revolutionary French Connection (STEW 214C/D, Thu Aug 31, 2pm)

Françoise Le Jeune (English, U de Nantes), Moderator

Deborah Houk Schocket (French, Bowling Green SU), "Bohemians and Marginality in Balzac's Comédie humaine"

Armando Manalo (Comparative Literature, U of California, Berkeley), "Obermann's Askesis (Sénancour, Kant, Diderot)"

Russell Prather (English, Northern Michigan U), "Identity as Identification and the Restraint of Reason in Rousseau and Blake"

Professionalizing the Literary (STEW 311, Thu Aug 31, 2pm)

Jason B. Jones (English, Central Connecticut State U), Moderator

Dagni Bredesen (English, Eastern Illinois U), "'Much Dreaded, but Little Known': Investigating the First Professional Female Detectives in British Fiction"

Susan Colon (English, Baylor U), "The Woman Professional and the Woman Writer in Elizabeth Gaskell's My Lady Ludlow"

Joseph Drury (English, U of Pennsylvania), "The Mechanics of Authorship in Godwin's Caleb Williams"

Knowing Things I: Preserving and Collecting (STEW 310, Thu Aug 31, 2pm)

Arkady Plotnitsky (English, Purdue U), Moderator

April Toadvine (English, Purdue U), "Desire Deferred: Catalogued Consumption of the Great Exhibition"

Kara Wittman (English, Stanford U), "Pickwick's Spectacles:  Cabinets of Wonder and the Novel"

Alan Rauch (English, U of North Carolina, Charlotte), "Bric-à-Brac as Knowledge"

3:30pm - 4:00pm   Refreshment Break, Location: STEW 302/306
4:00pm - 5:30pm  

Special Lecture:
Rosemary Lloyd , Rudy Professor of French, Indiana U
"'Pour l'enfant amoureux de cartes et d'estampes': Drawing the Lay Reader into the Natural Sciences in Nineteenth-Century France"
Location: STEW 322

Moderator: Thomas Broden (Foreign Languages and Literatures, Purdue U)

This special lecture is sponsored by the Foreign Languages and Literatures Department of Purdue U. The lecture will occur concurrently with Session II

4:00pm - 5:30pm   Session II (meeting rooms listed below)

Special Session, organized by James Allard: Erasmus Darwin and the Life Sciences II (STEW 214A, Thu Aug 31, 4:00pm)

James Allard (English, Brock U), Moderator

Joann Kleinneiur (English, Stanford U), "Changing with Every New Combination:  Chemistry and Analogy in The Economy of Vegetation"

Allison Dushane (English, Duke U), "'Imagination Under the Banner of Science': Erasmus Darwin, Radical Science and Romantic Aesthetics"

Adam Komisaruk (English, West Virginia U), "Darwin's Portland Vase and the Politics of Sexual Antiquarianism"

Romanticism and Social Critique Beyond Britain (STEW 218C/D, Thu Aug 31, 4:00pm )

Doug Guerra (English, Loyola U, Chicago), Moderator

Eric Gidal (English, U of Iowa), "Melancholy and Social Critique in the Romantic Age"

Jill Shashaty (English, U of Pennsylvania), "'On the Wide, Wide Sea': An Atlantic Reading of Lyrical Ballads"

Robert Anderson (English, Oakland U) and Jeffrey Insko (English, Oakland U), "'The hourglass contemned': Time and Labor in Blake and Whitman"

Gender in the Work of Percy and Mary Shelley (STEW 214C/D, Thu Aug 31, 4:00pm)

Becky King (English, Middle Tennessee State U), Moderator

William Davis (Comparative Literature, Colorado C), "Techniques of Romantic Masculinity: Goethe, Shelley, Austen"

Katherine Singer (English, U of Maryland), "Stoned Shelley:  Revolutionary Tactics and Women Under the Influence"

Nicholas Williams (English, Indiana U), "Angelic Realism:  Domestic Idealization in Mary Shelley's Lodore"

Knowledge and Technique in Byron (STEW 202, Thu Aug 31, 4:00pm)

Joshua D. Gonsalves (English, Rice U), Moderator

Emily Bernhard Jackson (English, U of Arkansas), "Scientia in the Dungeon: The Genesis of Knowledge in The Prisoner of Chillon"

Gary Dyer (English, Cleveland SU), "Byron's Medical Slang"

Monique Morgan (English, McGill U), "Narrative Craft and Lyric Effects in Byron's Don Juan"

Special Session, organized by Jacques Khalip, Inhibiting Scientia: Romanticism and the Ethics of Knowledge II (STEW 206, Thu Aug 31, 4:00pm)

Jacques Khalip (English, McMaster U), Moderator

George Grinnell (English, Cornell U), "Political Economy for Hypochondriacs: De Quincey's Labouring Body"

Suzie Park (English, Eastern Illinois U), "'Entire Knowingness' and the Inefficiencies of Sentiment"

Eric Idsvoog (English, Harvard U), "Arthur Hallam's Rhapsody: The Ethics of Not Knowing Feeling"

Missionary Positions (STEW 311, Thu Aug 31, 4:00pm)

Laura Haigwood (English, Saint Mary’s C), Moderator

Dan White (English, U of Toronto), "Skepticism and Sensibility:  Religious Knowledge and Conversion in Hartly House, Calcutta"

Benjamin Fischer (English, U of Notre Dame), "Missionary Provocations: The Evangelical Influence on British Policy in China in the Early Nineteenth-Century"

Michelle Elleray (English, U of Guelph), "Tiny Creatures Accomplishing Wonders: Ships, Coral Islands and The Juvenile Missionary Magazine"

Romantic and Victorian Anti-Sociability (STEW 313, Thu Aug 31, 4:00pm)

Robert Allen (Dean of Humanities and Pro Vice Chancellor, Auckland U of Technology), Moderator

Nathaniel Leach (English, U of Western Ontario), "Unmaking the Self: Performing Hatred in Godwin's Mandeville"

Leila May (English, North Carolina SU), "The Sociology of Secrecy and the 'Howling Wilderness' of Vanity Fair"

Gage McWeeney (English, Williams C), "The Comfort of Strangers:  Wilde's Anti-Socialites"

Knowing Your Place II: The Latin Nineteenth Century (STEW 320, Thu Aug 31, 4:00pm)

Ariel de la Fuente (History, Purdue U) , Moderator

Juan Sanchez (English, U of Notre Dame), "The Making and Unmaking of Spain: Robert Southey and the Politics of Early Nineteenth-Century Hispanist Studies"

Rebecca Cole Heinowitz (English, Bard C), "Marmontel's The Incas and the Natural Science of Conquest"

Suzanne Black (English, Purdue U), "Double-Entry Nation: Multinational Bookkeeping and Bourgeois Masculinities in Júlio Dinis's An English Family"

Voicing (STEW 314, Thu Aug 31, 4:00pm)

Madeleine Thompson (English, Indiana U), Moderator

David Ackley (English, Brown U), "Domestic Voices: Voice, Enclosure, and the Blackwoods Incarceration Tale"

Ashley Miller (English, Indiana U), "'No More Than a Voice': Aurality, Textuality and Embodiment in Tennyson's 'The Passing of Arthur'"

Jared Richman (English, U of Pennsylvania), "'Government of the Tongue': John Thelwall and the Politics of Elocutionary Diagnosis"

Disability and Representation (STEW 318, Thu Aug 31, 4:00pm)

Christopher Keep (English, U of Western Ontario), Moderator

Laura Stef-Praun (English, U of Chicago), "Fatigued Women Poets: E/Merging Bodies and Corpora in Elizabeth Barrett Browning's Sonnets from the Portuguese and Aurora Leigh"

Karen Bourrier (English, Cornell U) "'A Man Speaking to Men':  Disability and Narrative Dependencies in Dinah Mulock Craik's John Halifax, Gentleman"

Jennifer Esmail (English, Queen's U), "Composing 'The Tuneful Art': Poetry by Deaf Individuals, Victorian Poetics and the Nineteenth-Century Sign Language Debates"

Politics and the State (STEW 310, Thu Aug 31, 4:00pm)

Peter Stansky (Frances and Charles Field Professor of History, Stanford U), Moderator

Zarena Aslami (English, Michigan SU), "Hysterical Citizenship: State Fantasy, Social Injury, and the Story of Sarah Grand's The Heavenly Twins"

Oz Frankel (History, New School U), "Facticity and Voice in Victorian Blue Books"

Elizabeth Miller (English, Ohio U), "The New Woman Vs. Radical Feminism: Helen and Olivia's Rossetti's A Girl among the Anarchists"


Opening Reception & Cash Bar,
Location: North Ballroom, PMU

Generously sponsored by Indiana University Press


Buffet Dinner,
Location: Purdue Memorial Mall

Generously sponsored by Indiana University Press


Opening Plenary Address:
Catherine Gallagher, Professor of English, U of California, Berkeley
"Slave Trade Suppression and Narratives of Undoing in the Atlantic"
Location: Fowler Hall, STEW

This plenary address is generously sponsored by the English Department at Butler University.


Friday, September 1, 2006

8:00am - 4:30pm   Registration, Location: East Foyer Registration Desks, 1st floor, STEW
7:30am-8:30am   Continental Breakfast, Location: STEW 302/306
8:00am-5:00pm   Book Fair,
Location: STEW 302/306
8:30am - 10:00am   Session III (meeting rooms listed below)

Keats and Knowledge (STEW 214A, Fri Sept 1, 8:30am)

Kathleen G. Béres (English, U of North Carolina, Chapel Hill), Moderator

Michael Kramp (English, U of Northern Colorado), "Keats, Foucault, and the Aesthetic of Existence"

Ray Fleming (John Francis Dugan Professor of Modern Languages and Humanities, Florida SU), "Keats's Romantic Classicism and the Colonization of the Past"

William Peck (English, Purdue U), "John Keats's 'Ode on a Grecian Urn' from a Deleuzian Perspective"

Erasmus Darwin Redux (STEW 318, Fri Sept 1, 8:30am)

Allan Hunter (English, Purdue U), Moderator

Janelle Schwartz (Comparative Literature, Hamilton C), "The Aesthetic Episteme in Erasmus Darwin's The Temple of Nature"

Devin Griffiths (English, Rutgers U), "Sensuous Reason: Erasmus Darwin's Physical Analogy"

Dahlia Porter (English, U of Pennsylvania), "Nature's Format: Erasmus Darwin's Analogical Aesthetics"

Special Session, organized by Steven Jones, Against Technology: General Ludd, Captain Swing, and Their Legacies (STEW 311, Fri Sept 1, 8:30am)

Steven Jones (English, Loyola U of Chicago), Moderator

Kevin Binfield (English, Murray State U), "Ludd, Swing, and Naming"

Matthew Kaiser (English, Harvard U), "William Morris's Ludic Luddism"

Steven Jones (English, Loyola U of Chicago), "The Luddites vs. Neo-Luddism"

Special Session, organized by A.C. Goodson, Overtures to Photography I (STEW 206, Fri Sept 1, 8:30am)

A. C. Goodson (English, Michigan SU), Moderator

Alexandra Neel (English, Princeton U), "'A Something-Nothing out of its Very Contrary': The Photography of Coleridge"

Laura Mandell (English, Miami U), "Imaging Interiority: Photography, Psychology, Balladry"

Richard Menke (English, U of Georgia), "Printed on the Nerves: 'The Lifted Veil' and the Photoglyph"

Special Session, organized by Dane Kennedy, Exploration and Epistemology (STEW 202, Fri Sept 1, 8:30am)

Dane Kennedy (Elmer Louis Kaysar Professor of History and International Affairs, George Washington U), Moderator

Mary Orr (French, U of Southampton), "Pursuing Proper Protocol: The Tensions and Dimensions of a Victorian Woman's Purview of the Sciences of Exploration"

Philip J. Stern (History, American U), "Gentleman, Cartographers, and 'Geographical Missionaries': The Georgian Roots of the Victorian Exploration of Africa"

Cannon Schmitt (English, Wayne SU), "Science at Sea: T. H. Huxley and Maritime Epistemology"

Lyric Power (STEW 214C/D, Fri Sept 1, 8:30am)

Dino Franco Felluga (English, Purdue U), Moderator

Herbert F. Tucker (English, U of Virginia), "Charms and the Nerd:  Tennyson's Technocrat"

Jason Rudy (English, U of Maryland), "Lyric Shock and Awe"

Jason Camlot (English, Conordia U), "'Back from the mouth of Hell': A Retrospective History of Reading Tennyson Out Loud"

Tropicopolitics (STEW 320, Fri Sept 1, 8:30am)

Joshua Brewer (English, U of South Carolina), Moderator

Stephen Hancock (English, Brigham Young University, Hawaii), "'Notwithstanding the noisy crowd': Lili'uokalani, Romanticism, and the Development of Hawaiian Cultural Identity"

Noah Heringman (English, University of Missouri, Columbia), "Knowledge Work and the Literary Marketplace: The Case of Sydney Parkinson"

Deborah Denenholz Morse (English, C of William and Mary), "'Some Girls Who Come From the Tropics': Imperial Selves and Colonized Bodies in Trollope's He Knew He Was Right"

Writing and Performing Slavery (STEW 218C/D, Fri Sept 1, 8:30am)

Monica Lewis (English, Harvard U), Moderator

Erin Webster Garrett (English, Radford U), "White Paper and Black Figures: Mary Shelley Writing America"

Melissa Valiska Gregory (English, U of Toledo), "Black America Performs British Melodrama"

Julia Lee (English, Harvard U), "The (Slave) Narrative of Jane Eyre"

Theology and Sympathy in the Brownings (STEW 313, Fri Sept 1, 8:30am)

Christine Chaney (English, Seattle Pacific U), Moderator

Kasey Baker (English, University of Tennessee), "'Grasping the while for stay at facts which snap': Robert Browning's Linguistic Iconoclasm in 'A Death in the Desert'"

Robin Sowards (English, Hobart & William Smith Colleges), "Browning's Theology of the Negative in 'Karshish'"

Alexandra Kimball (English, U of Western Ontario), "The Discourse of Sympathy in Elizabeth Barrett Browning's 'The Cry of the Children'"

Epistemology and Fiction (STEW 314, Fri Sept 1, 8:30am)

William Galperin (English, Rutgers U), Moderator

Mary Ann O'Farrell (English, Texas A&M U), "The Terror of Manners and of Expectations"

Richard Higgins (English, Indiana U), "The Emotional Epistemology of the Clerk in H.G. Wells"

Mary Hong (English, Johns Hopkins U), "From the Outré to the Ordinary: The Epistemology of the Clue in Sherlock Holmes"

Special Session, organized by Renata Kobetts Miller, George Eliot and the Stage (STEW 310, Fri Sept 1, 8:30am)

Renata Kobetts Miller (English, City College, CUNY), Moderator

Lynn Voskuil (English, U of Houston), "Victorian Performance Practice and the Public Roles of Women Writers and Actresses"

David Kurnick (English, Columbia U), "George Eliot's Theatrical Hangover"

Renata Kobetts Miller (English, City College, CUNY), "Staging Adam Bede, Making George Eliot"

Special Session, organized by Jill Matus, Trauma, Memory, and Mimesis (STEW 322, Fri Sept 1, 8:30am)

Sara Malton (English, St. Mary's U), Moderator

Peter Chapin (English, Iona C), "'Like So Many Women Petrified White': Trauma and Mimesis in Daniel Deronda"

Alexandra Lewis (English, U of Cambridge), "Violence, Aftermath and the Burial/Disinterment of Traumatic Memory: Dimensions of Trauma in Wuthering Heights"

Katy Brundan (Comparative Literature, U of Oregon), "Trauma and Latent Memory in The Woman in White and The Woman Without a Name"

10:00am - 10:30am   Refreshment Break, Location: Stewart 302/306
10:30am - 12:00pm   Session IV (meeting rooms listed below)

Romanticism and Natural History (STEW 218C/D, Fri Sept 1, 10:30am)

Jen Hill (English, U of Nevada), Moderator

Samuel Baker (English, U of Texas, Austin), "Quiet Rock: Geognosy and the Hard Nature of Lake Poet Culture"

Anne Mellor (English, U of California, Los Angeles), "The Baffling Swallow - Gilbert White, Charlotte Smith and the Limits of Natural History"

Tim Fulford (English, Nottingham Trent U),"'Red Mens' Heads'; What Romantic-era Scientists Saw in Native Americans' Bodies"

Special Session, organized by A.C. Goodson, Overtures to Photography II (STEW 206, Fri Sept 1, 10:30am)

A. C. Goodson (English, Michigan SU), Moderator

Scott J. Juengel (English, Michigan SU), "Photosensitivity"

Scott Hess (English, Earlham C), "Wordsworth, the Picturesque Tradition, and the Photographic Framing of Nature"

Tom Mole (English, McGill U), "Celebrity Before Photography: The Visual Discourse of Byronism"

Special Session, organized by Edward Ziter, The Art and Science of Acting (STEW 202, Fri Sept 1, 10:30am)

Edward Ziter (Drama, New York U), Moderator

Thomas Crochunis (English, Shippensburg U), "Homosociality and the Political Science of Acting"

Kathryn Pratt (English, Clayton SU), "Sarah Siddons, Classy Eloquence, and Melancholia"

Jim Davis (English, U of Warwick), "The Sublime of Tragedy in Low Life"

Science, Language, and Epistemology in Kleist and Novalis (STEW 214A, Fri Sept 1, 10:30am)

William Davis (Comparative Literature, Colorado C), Moderator

Martin Blumenthal-Barby (German, Yale U), "Word Games and Verbal Explosions, or Questioning the Enlightenment in Novalis' 'Monolog' and Heinrich von Kleist"

Howard Pollack-Milgate (German, DePauw U), "Science and Scientific Inquiry in Novalis's Lehrlinge zu Sais"

Adrian Mioc (Comparative Literature, Western U of Timisoara), "'Technicalities' on Kleist"

The Scientia of Evolution, the Evolution of Scientia (STEW 214C/D, Fri Sept 1, 10:30am)

Abigail Mann (English, Indiana U), Moderator

Andrew Burkett (English, Duke U), "The Role of Chance in British Romanticism"

Ross Hamilton (English, Barnard C), "Melancholia: Darwin, Wordsworth and Natural Philosophy"

Sarah Winter (English, U of Connecticut), "A Physiology of Discourse: Darwin's The Expression of the Emotions in Man and Animals"

Knowing Your Place III: East of England (STEW 311, Fri Sept 1, 10:30am)

Deirdre Gilbert (English, Cornell C), Moderator

Oliver Buckton (English, Florida Atlantic U), "When in Rome: Dickens, Symonds, and the Italian 'Other'"

Stoyan Tchaprazov (English, U of Minnesota), "The British Empire Revisited Through the Lens of the Eastern Question"

Jennifer Conary (English, U of Southern California), "Envisioning Empire: Colonial Imagery in Patricia Rozema's Mansfield Park and Mira Nair's Vanity Fair"

The Scale of Music (STEW 318, Fri Sept 1, 10:30am)

Stephen Hancock (English, Brigham Young University, Hawaii), Moderator

Elizabeth Kramer (Music History, U of West Georgia), "Transforming Music: Aesthetic Knowledge and Historical Knowledge in the Early 19th-Century German Reception of Mozart's Requiem"

Charles McGuire (Music, Oberlin C), "Geographies of Control: Building a Better Christian through Tonic Sol-fa"

Rebecca Disrud (Comparative Literature, Indiana U), "To the Moon: A Modern Musical 'Translation' of Shelley's Fragments"

Fraud! (STEW 314, Fri Sept 1, 10:30am)

Katherine Voyles (English, U of California, Irvine), Moderator

Rebecca Stern (English, U of South Carolina), "England's Futures: Time Bargains, Fraud, and the Mid-Victorian Discourse of Childrearing"

Annette Van (English, U of North Carolina, Greensboro), "Risk Management: Speculation and the Victorian Novel"

Tammy Whitlock (History, U of Kentucky), "The Fraudulent Consumer:  False Banknotes and Female Insanity in Victorian England"

Psyche Analysis (STEW 313, Fri Sept 1, 10:30am)

Adrianne Wadewitz (English, Indiana U), Moderator

Humberto Garcia (English, U of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign), "In the Name of the 'Incestuous Mother': Islam and Excremental   Psychoanalysis in De Quincey's Confessions"

Jason B. Jones (English, Central Connecticut SU), "'A grand half-truth, distorted, miscolored in the words': Reading Kingsley with Lacan"

Carolyn Betensky (English, U of Rhode Island), "Transformational Objects? Object-Relations Theory and the Victorian Social-Problem Novel"

Eliot's Bodies (STEW 322, Fri Sept 1, 10:30am)

Marjorie Stone (English, Dalhousie U), Moderator

Mary Wilson Carpenter (English, Queen's U), "Decolonizing Cholera: Middlemarch and Domestic Pathology"

Melissa McLeod (English, Georgia SU): "Acoustic Science and Racial Identity in George Eliot's Daniel Deronda"

Jessica Straley (English, U of Utah), "Retrogressive Evolution in Eliot's Daniel Deronda and Butler's The Way of All Flesh"

Technical Difficulties: Reading the Paratext (STEW 320, Fri Sept 1, 10:30am)

Rachel Buurma (English, U of Pennsylvania), Moderator

Julia Carlson (English, U of Cincinnati), "Troping Techne: 'Pauses of Deep Silence' and the Arts of Punctuation"

Natalie Houston (English, U of Houston), "Order and Interpretation in Augusta Webster's Portraits"

Manuela Mourão (English, Old Dominion U), "Remembrance of Things Past: Literary Annuals' Self-Historicization"

Rise of the Machines (STEW 310, Fri Sept 1, 10:30am)

Jens M. Gurr (English, Duisburg-Essen U), Moderator

Christopher Keep (English, U of Western Ontario), "Machines, Mechanical Learning, and the Idea of the Humanities"

Michael S. Macovski (English, Georgetown U), "The Publishing Machine: Readers, Writers, and Book History in the Nineteenth Century"

Tamara Ketabgian (English, Beloit C), "'Sun-Engines' and Mechanical Mastery: Psychic Force in The Mill on the Floss and Victorian Culture"

12:00pm - 1:30pm   Lunch on your own (or boxed lunches in STEW 302/306)
12:00pm - 1:30pm   NASSR Executive Council and Advisory Board Meeting
(Lafayette Room, PMU 230)
1:30pm - 3:00pm  

Workshops (pre-registration required)
(meeting rooms to be listed in name badges of registrants; click on the titles for full descriptions)


Alison Booth, Professor of English, U of Virginia
"Literature Travels but Authors Are Always at Home"

Anna Clark, Professor of History, U of Minnesota
"Gender, Empire and Governmentality"

Julie Codell, Professor of Art History, School of Art, Arizona SU
"Reading the Maharaja's Body: Photographs of the Indeterminate Empire"

Kevin Gilmartin, Associate Professor of English, California Institute of Technology
"Radicalism and Reaction in the Long Counterrevolution"

Elaine Hadley, Assoc. Professor of English Literature, U of Chicago
"War as Peace"

Andrea Henderson, Assoc. Professor of English and Comparative Literature, U of California, Irvine
"Problems of Ontology in Early Writings on Photography"

Jon Klancher, Professor of English, Carnegie Mellon U
"The Sociology of a Phrase: 'Arts & Sciences'"

John Kucich, Professor of English, Rutgers U
"Why Study the Victorian Novel?"

Christopher Lane, Professor of English, Northwestern U
"Victorian Social Phobia: Psychology, Ethics, and Fiction"

Celeste Langan, Assoc. Professor of English Literature, U of California, Berkeley
"Rhythm Science: Number, Weight, and Measure in the Romantic Period"

Deidre Lynch, Assoc. Professor of English Literature, Indiana U
"Anecdotal Knowing: Personalization and Romantic-Period Practices of Literary History"

Ghislaine McDayter, Assoc. Professor of English Literature, Bucknell U
"Mobs, Madness and Masculinity"

Andrew Miller, Assoc. Professor of English Literature, Indiana U
"Critical Style and Questions of Distance"

Daniel O'Quinn, Assoc. Professor of English and Theatre Studies, U of Guelph
"Spectacular Technologies: Pizarro and the Perilous Bridge between Tragic Emotion and Visual Excess"

3:00pm-3:30pm   Refreshment Break, Location: Stewart 302/306
3:30pm - 5:00pm   Session V (meeting rooms listed below)

Special Session, organized by Pamela K. Gilbert, Interdisciplinarity and the Body I (STEW 310, Fri Sept 1, 3:30pm)

Susan Zieger (English, U of California, Riverside), Moderator

Tina Young Choi (English, York U), "Reaffirming the Self:  Vaccination and the Romantic Body"

Susan Zieger (English, U of California, Riverside), "Victorian Hallucinogenic Media"

Eileen Cleere (English, Southwestern U) "Aesthetic Decay:  Decadence and Late-Victorian Medical Fiction"

Scientia and the Techne of Aestheticism (STEW 311, Fri Sept 1, 3:30pm)

Mark Algee-Hewitt (English, New York U), Moderator

Chad Wellmon (German, U of California, Berkeley), "The Poetics of Touch: Novalis' Anthropology of the Senses"

Peter Ford (English, Michigan SU), "Aestheticizing the Laboratory: Deleuze, the Chemists, and the Boundaries of Language"

Mark Algee-Hewitt (English, New York U), "A Chemical Romance: From Sublimation to Sublime"

Knowledge and Technique in Coleridge (STEW 214A, Fri Sept 1, 3:30pm)

Peter Melville (English, U of Winnipeg), Moderator

Michael Tomko (English, Villanova U), "Politics, Performance, and Coleridge's 'Suspension of Disbelief'"

Alexander Schlutz (English, CUNY), "'A Shechinah in the Heart': Samuel Taylor Coleridge and the Double Knowledge of Imagination"

Laura George (English, Eastern Michigan U), "Mere Technique:  Coleridge's Biographia Literaria and the Genealogy of Technique"

Knowing Your Place IV: Ireland (STEW 318, Fri Sept 1, 3:30pm)

Jodi Wagner (English, Purdue U), Moderator

Anne Frey (English, Texas Christian U), "Fragment Poems and Fragment Nations:  How to Know Ireland in Coleridge's Aesthetics"

Christopher Nagle (English, Western Michigan U), "The Political Science of Sensibility: Irish Romanticism & the Case of Sydney Owenson"

Carolyn Lesnick (English, U of Pennsylvania), "The 'fen' in the Fenian: Matthew Arnold, Celtic Literature, and the Science of Philology"

Man and/as Machine (STEW 202, Fri Sept 1, 3:30pm)

Mary Ellen Bellanca (English, U of South Carolina, Sumter), Moderator

Terrance Riley (English, Bloomsburg U), "Composing for the Machine in the European Romantic Period"

Liz Hoiem (English, U of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign), "Mechanical Husbands, Automated Wives, and Other Frekes in Edgeworth's Belinda"

Laurie Langbauer (English, U of North Carolina), "Mechanical Men"

Romantic Performance (STEW 206, Fri Sept 1, 3:30pm)

Julie Carlson (English, U of California, Santa Barbara), Moderator

Shanyn Fiske (English, Rutgers U), "Sensational Tragedy: The Seductive Art of Ristori's Medea"

Lisa Crafton (English, U of West Georgia), ""Stage-effect":  Theater and Theatricality in Wollstonecraft"

Wendy Nielsen (English, Montclair State U), "Women Warriors in Günderrode's and Kleist's Dramas"

The Scientia of Evolution, the Evolution of Scientia II (STEW 313, Fri Sept 1, 3:30pm)

Ann-Barbara Graff (English, Nipissing), Moderator

Dimitri Karkoulis (English, U of Western Ontario), "'They pluck'd the tree of Science / And sin': Byron's Cain and the Science of Sacrilege"

Michael Demson (Comparative Literature, CUNY), "Revolution, Devolution, Evolution: A Survey of Percy Bysshe Shelley's Teleological Thought in the Early 19th Century"

Jhoanna Infante (English, U of California, Berkeley), "Darwin's Aesthetic Evolution"

Know Thyself!: The Autobiographical Imperative (STEW 320, Fri Sept 1, 3:30pm)

Laura Green (English, Northeastern U), Moderator

Jean Fernandez (English, U of Maryland), "Embourgeoisement and the Staging of Literacy in Nineteenth-Century Servant Autobiography, with special reference to Janet Bathgate's Aunt Janet's Legacy to her Nieces (1872)"

Sean Grass (English, Texas Tech U), "'Portable property': Victorian Identity in the Marketplace"

Laura Green (English, Northeastern U), "Refusing Knowledge in Margaret Oliphant's Autobiography"

Feeling Colonial (STEW 322, Fri Sept 1, 3:30pm)

Ross Forman (English, Skidmore C), Moderator

Julie M. Barst (English, Purdue U), "Controlling Anxieties: Colonial Space in Anthony Trollope's Harry Heathcote"

Deanna Kreisel (English, U of British Columbia), "Exotic Trance"

Deanna V. Mason (English, Queen's U), "'Praying that my hand might not shake': Imperial Anxiety in the 1854-56 Diaries and Paintings of William Holman Hunt"

The Art of Science (STEW 214C/D, Fri Sept 1, 3:30pm)

Kathleen O'Neill Sims (English, Independent Scholar), Moderator

Ann Helmreich (Art History, Case Western Reserve U), "Clarity and Obscurity:  Science, Art, and Nature in late Pre-Raphaelite painting"

Lucy Hartley (English, U of Michigan), "Rethinking the Two Cultures: The Industrial and the Aesthetic in John Ruskin and Edward Poynter"

Rachel Teukolsky (English, Pennsylvania SU), "Picturesque Signs, Picturing Science: Ruskin's Modern Painters I"

The Politics of Poetry (STEW 218C/D, Fri Sept 1, 3:30pm)

Corinne Davies (English, Huron University College, U of Western Ontario), Moderator

Florence Boos (English, U of Iowa), "Class Effects: Violence and Sexuality in Victorian Working-Class Women's Poetry"

Julia Saville (English, U of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign), "Body, Body Politic, and Poetic Modernity in Swinburne's Republican Rhythms"

Linda Peterson (English, Yale U), "Oscar Wilde's Debut: Poems (1881) and the (Un)making of the Poet"

Understanding Space: Geography and Landscape (STEW 314, Fri Sept 1, 3:30pm)

William J. Palmer (English, Purdue U), Moderator

Susanna Cole (Art History, Columbia), "Hidden in Plain Sight: Technology in the Landscape of Early Nineteenth-Century England"

Garrett Ziegler (English, Columbia U), "Provinces, Provincialism, Middlemarch"

Alison Booth (English, U of Virginia), "Canons and Tours: Anglophone Homes and Haunts"


6:00pm - 8:00pm   Dinner Downtown, Location: Maize Catering, 625 Columbia Street

Silent-Film Horror Night:

1910 Edison Frankenstein & F. W. Murnau's 1922 Nosferatu

Location: Long Center (restored silent-film and vaudeville theater, 111 North 6th Street)
Organist: Ken Double
Introduced by Joss Marsh (English, Indiana U)


Saturday, September 2, 2006

7:30am - 5:00pm   Registration, unclaimed badges in STEW 302/306
7:30am-8:30am   Continental Breakfast, Location: STEW 302/306
8:00am-5:00pm   Book Fair,
Location: STEW 302/306
8:30am - 10:00am   Session VI (meeting rooms listed below)

Romantic Pleasures and Perversions (STEW 202, Sat Sept 2, 8:30am)

Mark Algee-Hewitt (English, New York U), Moderator

J. Jennifer Jones (English, U of Rhode Island), "Wordsworth and the Nature of Perversity"

Joshua D. Gonsalves (English, Rice U), "Johns, Keats and Swinburne: Prostitution and Pornography as Technologies of Gender"

Rowan Boyson (English, U of London), "Wordsworth on Pleasure and the 'feeling of life': New Directions from Vitalism"

Special Session, organized by Tilottama Rajan, Aesthetics and Science I: The Life and Earth Sciences (STEW 206, Sat Sept 2, 8:30am)

Tilottama Rajan (English and Theory, U of Western Ontario), Moderator

Joan Steigerwald (Science & Technology Studies, York U), "Figuring Nature: Ritter's Galvanic Inscriptions"

Joshua Lambier (English, U of Western Ontario), "Organismic Revolutionaries: Schelling, Shelley and the History of Nature"

Denise Gigante (English, Stanford U), "Zeitgeist"

Governmentality (STEW 218C/D, Sat Sept 2, 8:30am)

Mark Lussier (English, Arizona State U), Moderator

Kevin Gilmartin (English, California Institute of Technology), "Experimental Pastoral:  Robert Southey and Sir Thomas Bernard"

Jon Klancher (English, Carnegie Mellon U), "A Director of the Romantic Age: Thomas Bernard, Social Welfare, and the 'Arts & Sciences'"

Jane Moody (English, U of York), "Thomas Brown [alias Thomas Moore] and Regency Cryptography"

Melodramatic Politics (STEW 214C/D, Sat Sept 2, 8:30am)

Mark Phelan (English, Queen's U, Belfast), Moderator

Criscillia Benford (Society of Fellows, U of Chicago), "Romanticism, Melodrama, and a Working-Class Audience: Reynolds' Mysteries of London"

Molly Rothenberg (English, Tulane U), "Against Diaspora:  Working Class Migrations and the Unsettling of Race in Nineteenth-Century Transatlantic Melodrama"

Neil Hultgren (English, U of Virginia), "Cecil Rhodes's Napoleonic Wars: Britain, South Africa, and Olive Schreiner's Melodrama of Outrage"

Knowing Your Place V: Scot(t)land (STEW 214A, Sat Sept 2, 8:30am)

Stephen Arata (English, U of Virginia), Moderator

Daniel Schierenbeck (English, Central Missouri U), "'Discipline is a capital thing': The Science of War in Scott's Old Mortality"

Emily Haddad (English, U of South Dakota), "Techniques of Economic Stewardship: Scott's The Talisman"

Maureen Martin (English, William Paterson U), "The Glasgow Style and Scottish National Identity"

Special Session, organized by Pamela Fletcher, Artistic Circulation: The Social Lives of Victorian Paintings I (STEW 313, Sat Sept 2, 8:30am)

Pamela Fletcher (Art History, Bowdoin C), Moderator

Kimberly Rhodes (Art History, Hollins U), "'One man in his time plays many parts': The Three Lives of William Mulready's Seven Ages of Man"

Dennis Denisoff (English, Ryerson U), "The Rise of Photography and the Gendered Response of Whistler's Portraiture"

Laurel Bradley (Fine Arts, Carleton C), "Pictures, Painters and Promotional Schemes: Visual Conversations"

Special Session, organized by Cannon Schmitt, Evolutionary Temporalities I (STEW 322, Sat Sept 2, 8:30am)

Cannon Schmitt (English, Wayne SU), Moderator

Nancy Rose Marshall (Art History, U of Wisconsin, Madison), "'A Dim World, Where Monsters Dwell':  The Spatial Time of the Sydenham Crystal Palace Dinosaur Park"

Justin Prystash (English, Wayne SU), "The Collective Embryo: Time, Correlation, and Individuation in Darwin's On the Origin of Species"

Amy M. King (English, St. John's U), "Stilled Habitats: Mitford, White, and Paranaturalist Time"

The Inimitable I (STEW 318, Sat Sept 2, 8:30am)

Supritha Rajan (English, U of North Carolina, Chapel Hill), Moderator

Eileen Gillooly (English, Columbia U), "The Reluctant Parent; or, Narrative Resistance in Dickens"

Arlene Young (English, U of Manitoba), "Dickens and the Erotics of Affect"

Mary Armstrong (English, Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo), "Catching On: Suspicion, Transmission, Desire, and Little Dorrit"

Professing Knowlege: Medicine, Professionalization, and the Social Body (STEW 204, Sat Sept 2, 8:30am)

Jamie Horrocks (English, Indiana U), Moderator

Tracy Miller (English, New York U), "Infected Pages: Public Libraries, Germ Theory and the Book Scares of Late Victorian England"

Rosemary Wall (History, Imperial C), "The Double Lives of the Gentleman Physicians? Integrating the Laboratory into an Elite London Hospital, 1880-1900"

Bryan Rasmussen (English, Indiana U), "The Body of Knowledge: Medico-Criminal Investigation and the Science of Reform"

The Evolution of the Gothic I (STEW 320, Sat Sept 2, 8:30am)

Carrie Wadman (English, U of Wisconsin, Madison), Moderator

Daniela Garofalo (English, U of Oklahoma), "Dependent Masters and Independent Servants: the Gothic Pleasures Of British Homes in Brontë's Jane Eyre"

Joyce Huff (English, Ball SU), "'What Was It?': Disability, Taxonomy and the Gothic Body"

Sumangala Bhattacharya (English, New Mexico SU), "Between Worlds: The Haunting of the Victorian Bengali Bhadralok in Four Ghost Stories of Rabindranath Tagore"

Constituting Belief: Religion in the Nineteenth Century (STEW 311, Sat Sept 2, 8:30am)

Sharon McGrady (Literatures in English, Rutgers U), Moderator

Lara Karpenko (English, U of Notre Dame), "'The Finest Man by Far': Reinventing the Muscular Christian in Wilkie Collins's The Moonstone"

Krista Lysack (English, U of Western Ontario), "The Sunday at Home: The Religious Tract Society, Consumerism, and the Pleasures of Sabbatarian Reading"

Pamela K. Gilbert (English, U of Florida), "Paul, Eschatological Time and Victorian Liberalism"

Down With Class (STEW 314, Sat Sept 2, 8:30am)

Ted Underwood (English, U of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign), Moderator

Ellen Rosenman (English, U of Kentucky), "The Virtue of Illegitimacy: Belonging and Recognition in Working Class Fiction"

Lara Kriegel (History, Florida International U), "Getting There: Henry Mayhew, the Great Exhibition, and 1851"

Marlene Tromp (English, Denison U), "Surviving the Titanic:  Victorian Politics on a Sinking Ship"

Special Session, organized by Erika Rappaport: Imperial Things, Victorian Empires and the Global Consumer (STEW 310, Sat Sept 2, 8:30am)

Tim Barringer (Art History, Yale U), Moderator

Erika Rappaport (History, U of California, Santa Barbara), "A Little Opium, Sweet Words, and Cheap Guns: The 'Discovery' of Indian Tea and the Conquest of Assam"

Elizabeth Chang (English, U of Missouri, Columbia), "The 'Tintern Abbey House,' The Wardian Age and Global Plant Exchange"

Sheshalatha Reddy (English, U of Michigan), "Consuming Histories, Constructing Nations, and Circulating Prints: The Oleographs of Raja Ravi Varma and the Politics of Swadeshi"

10:00am - 10:30am   Refreshment Break, Location: STEW 302/306
10:30am - 12:00am   Session VII (meeting rooms listed below)

Malthus and Romantic Economy as Knowledge (STEW 204, Sat Sept 2, 10:30am)

Jenise DePinto (History and Political Science, College of Saint Rose), Moderator

Julie Murray (English, Carleton U), "Romantic Statecraft"

David Collings (English, Bowdoin), "The Discipline of Death: Knowledge and Power in An Essay on the Principle of Population"

Hilary Fezzey (English, Purdue U), "'Scientia Sexualis' and the Lower Classes in the Population Debate of Malthus, Godwin, and Place"

Special Session, organized by Pamela K. Gilbert, Interdisciplinarity and the Body II (STEW 202, Sat Sept 2, 10:30am)

Pamela K. Gilbert (English, U of Florida), Moderator

Cindy Stelmackowich (Art History, Binghamton U), "The Languages of a Bodily Interior: Anatomical Atlases in the Spaces of Art and Science"

Timothy Alborn (History, City U of New York), "Interrogating the body: The prosecution of Victorian insurance examinations"

Peter Logan (English, Temple U), "John Conolly and Signs of Madness"

The Animal/Human Divide (STEW 218C/D, Sat Sept 2, 10:30am)

Chris R. Vanden Bossche (English, U of Notre Dame), Moderator

Monica Flegel (English, Lakehead U), "Animals, Children, and Anti-Cruelty Discourse in Nineteenth-Century England"

Teresa Mangum (English, U of Iowa), "Penned In: Animals and Victorian Narrative Enclosure"

Ivan Kreilkamp (English, Indiana U), ""Bags of Meat": Animal Life in Thomas Hardy"

Special Session, organized by Tilottama Rajan, Aesthetics and Science II: Sciences of Perception (STEW 206, Sat Sept 2, 10:30am)

Tilottama Rajan (English and Theory, U of Western Ontario), Moderator

Theresa M. Kelley (English, U of Wisconsin, Madison), "Romantic Botanicals: Art, Play, Science"

Noel Jackson (English, MIT), "Archaeologies of Perception:  Reading Wordsworth After Foucault"

Jason Lindquist (Literature, Indiana U), "On 'Imagination' and the Rise of a Victorian Aesthetics of Complexity"

The Evolution of the Gothic II (STEW 214C/D, Sat Sept 2, 10:30am)

Scott MacKenzie (English, Davidson C), Moderator

Jayme Eveland (English, Indiana U), "The Hand that Governs: Gothic Response to Smith's 'Invisible Hand'"

Anne Wallace (English, U of North Carolina, Greensboro), "The Haunted Earth: Gothicism and the Rise of Evolutionary Thought"

Ross Forman (English, Skidmore C), "A Question of Ingestion: Food and the Body of the Text in Bram Stoker's Dracula"

The Ethical Turn I: Ethics and Exchange (STEW 320, Sat Sept 2, 10:30am)

Grace Waitman (Film Studies, Indiana U), Moderator

D. Rae Greiner (English, U of California, Berkeley), "In the Case of Sympathy"

Jill Rappoport (English, Villanova U), "Conservation of Sympathy in Cranford"

Ayse Celikkol (English, Macalester C), "Shirley, Mutuality, and Political Economy"

Novel Feelings (STEW 318, Sat Sept 2, 10:30am)

Martin Fashbaugh (English, Purdue), Moderator

Lisa Smith (English, U of Toronto), "Dorothea Through the Pier-Glass: Physiological Psychology and Perception in Middlemarch"

Sigrid Anderson Cordell (Expository Writing, Harvard U), "Mimetic Translations: Mabel Wotton and the Ethics of Invention"

Aaron Matz (Comparative Literature, Wesleyan U), "George Eliot and the Allure of the Scourge"

Special Session, organized by Cannon Schmitt, Evolutionary Temporalities II (STEW 214A, Sat Sept 2, 10:30am)

Cannon Schmitt (English, Wayne SU), Moderator

Virginia Zimmerman (English, Bucknell U), "Daddy Darwin: Evolution for Children"

Kathleen Frederickson (English, U of Chicago), "Liberalism and the Time of Instinct"

Robert E. Lougy (English, Pennsylvania SU), "Evolutionary Residues and Ancient Traces: Individual Memory and Phylogenetic Fantasy in David Copperfield"

The Inimitable II (STEW 311, Sat Sept 2, 10:30am)

John Picker (English, Harvard U), Moderator

Paul Fyfe (English, U of Virginia), "Accidents and Omnibus Agency in Sketches by Boz"

Sumiao Li (English, U of Michigan), "The Technology of Fashion and Victorian Realism: The Case of Bleak House"

Nancy Metz (English, Virginia Tech), "Dickens, America, and 'Intelligent Design'"

Special Session, organized by Pamela Fletcher, Artistic Circulation: The Social Lives of Victorian Paintings II (STEW 313, Sat Sept 2, 10:30am)

Pamela Fletcher (Art History, Bowdoin C), Moderator

Kimberly Wahl (Fashion History, Ryerson U), "The Female Aesthete Pictured in Victorian Painting--Symbolism, Selfhood and Sartorial Pleasure"

Madeleine Vala (International Study Center, Queen's U), "'Painted Betrayals' and Slashed Sentiments:  Madame X and Henry James"

Peter Trippi (Director, Dahesh Museum of Art), "Dead in the Water?:  J.W. Waterhouse's Hylas and the Nymphs"

Special Session, organized by Lauren Goodlad, Victorian Internationalisms I: Cosmopolitan Genres (STEW 314, Sat Sept 2, 10:30am)

Lauren Goodlad (English, U of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign), Moderator

Tanya Agathocleous (English, Yale U), "Transnationalism and Realism in the Westminster Review"

Sarah Rose Cole (English, Columbia U), "National Histories, International Genre: Balzac, Thackeray, and the Franco-British Bildungsroman"

Christopher M. Keirstead (English, Auburn U), "Europe, Cosmopolitanism, Victorian Poetry"

Special Session, organized by Jill Matus, Before Trauma: Victorian Discourses of Consciousness and Memory (STEW 322, Sat. Sept 2, 10:30pm)

Jill Matus (English, U of Toronto), Moderator

Suzy Anger (English, U of British Columbia), “Losing Consciousness: Grant Allen and the Physiology of Mind”

Athena Vrettos (English, Case Western Reserve U), “Displaced Memories in Victorian Fiction and Psychology”

Jill Matus (English, U of Toronto), “Victorian Shock: Emergent Theories of the Psychic Wound, 1850-1880”

Special Session, organized by Erika Rappaport: Circulating Desires: Gender and the Exchange of the Imperial Object (STEW 310, Sat Sept 2, 10:30am)

Erika Rappaport (History, U of California, Santa Barbara), Moderator

Cara Murray (English, Queen's C), "Shopping to Save: Victorian Women at the Egyptian Bazaar"

Laura Christine Struve (English, Wilmington C), "The Diamond Trade: The Economics of Love and Colonialism in the Victorian Novel"

Timothy Johns (English, State U of New York, Stony Brook), "Queen Rogues in an Age of Jewels and Superfluous Pawns: Diminishing Late Victorian Masculinity, New Women in the African Novel, and the Rise of Diamond Technology"

12:00pm - 1:30pm   Lunch on your own (or boxed lunches in STEW 302/306)
1:30pm - 3:00pm  

Seminars (pre-registration required)
(meeting rooms to be listed in name badges of registrants; click on the titles for full descriptions)


Timothy Barringer, Professor of Art History, Yale U
"Sonic Spectacles of Empire: The Audio-Visual Nexus, Delhi-London, 1911-12"

Alan Bewell, Professor of English, U of Toronto
"Traveling Natures"

Ross Chambers, Professor Emeritus of French and Comparative Literature, U of Michigan
"'Musique savante': Poetry as Figure, Fabrication, Fetish"

Tracy Davis, Professor of English and Theater, Northwestern U
"What Are Fairies For?"

Mary Favret, Assoc. Professor of English Literature, Indiana U
"Telling Time in Wartime"

Regenia Gagnier, Professor of English, U of Exeter
"The Relationship of Part to Whole"

Sonia Hofkosh, Assoc. Professor of English, Tufts U
"What Does a Fetish Want?"

Timothy Morton, Professor of English Literature and the Environment, U of California, Davis
"Ecology without Nature: Rethinking Environmental Aesthetics"

Judith Pascoe, Professor of English, U of Iowa
"Siddons Speaks!  Theatre Voices and Recorded Memory"

Thomas Pfau, Professor of English and German, Duke U
"Whatever Happened to the Theory of Romanticism? On the Intellectual and Institutional Costs of Particularist and Miniaturist Forms of Criticism"

Adela Pinch, Assoc. Professor of English Literature, U of Michigan
"'The Omnipotence of Thought': Ideas About Psychological Causality in Nineteenth-Century Britain"

Leah Price, Professor of English Literature, Harvard U
"Reader's Block: Trollope and the Book as Prop"

Marjorie Stone, Professor of English and Women's Studies, Dalhousie U
"Victorian Poetry in the Archive: Theory, Practice, and Challenges"

Martin Wiener, Professor of History, Rice U
"Probing the Fault Lines of Imperial Authority: Inter-Racial Murder Trials in British India, 1890-93"

3:00pm-3:30pm   Refreshment Break, Location: STEW 302/306
3:00pm-5:00pm   NAVSA Executive Council and Advisory Board Meeting
(Lafayette Room, PMU 230)
3:30pm - 5:00pm   Session VIII (meeting rooms listed below)

Romanticism, Ethics, and the Law (STEW 318, Sat Sept 2, 3:30pm)

Elizabeth Koonce (English, Ohio U), Moderator

Jacques Khalip (English, McMaster U), "Romantic Disinterest: Hazlitt's Unknowing"

Asha Khaladkar (English, U of Edinburgh), "Scandal and Professionalism:  An Interrogation of Legal Knowledge in Romantic Literature"

Jonathan Sachs (English, Concordia U, Montreal), "Romantic Catilines: Rome, Democracy, Empire"

The Ethical Turn II (STEW 320, Sat Sept 2, 3:30pm)

Tilar J. Mazzeo (English, Colby C), Moderator

Peter Melville (English, U of Winnipeg), "Victor's 'Hideous Guest': Hospitality in Mary Shelley's Frankenstein"

Stefani Engelstein (German, U of Missouri), "Ugly Ethics"

Kathleen Lundeen (English, Western Washington U), "Blake's Sweet-and-Sour Science"

Special Session, organized by Sheila A. Spector, Romanticism and Translation (STEW 214A, Sat Sept 2, 3:30pm)

Sheila A. Spector, Moderator

Mike Pino (English, CUNY), "The Craft of Translating Hebrew: John Bellamy, Hyman Hurwitz, Samuel Taylor Coleridge, and the Vindiciae Hebraicae"

Michael Scrivener (English, Wayne SU), "Translating the New World:  Thelwall's Two Plays against Empire, Incle and Yarico (1787) and The Incas (1792)"

C. C. Wharram (English, Eastern Illinois U), "Automaton and Whistleblower: The Legacy of Romanticism's Two Translators"

Special Session, organized by Joel Faflak, Sciences of the Romantic Psyche (STEW 206, Sat Sept 2, 3:30pm)

Joel Faflak (English, U of Western Ontario), Moderator

Richard Sha (Literature, American U), "Towards a Physiology of the Imagination:  Romanticism and the Science of Mind"

Matt Ffytche (History of Ideas, U of London), "FWJ Schelling and GH Schubert: Aspects of the Nightside of the Psyche"

Tilottama Rajan (English and Theory, U of Western Ontario), "The Abyss of the Past: Schelling's Ages of the World"

Special Session, organized by Carol Engelhardt: Crises and Their Religious Consequences (STEW 202, Sat Sept 2, 3:30pm)

Carol Engelhardt (History, Wright SU), Moderator

Orianne Smith (English, U of Maryland), "Barbauld and Grant at the End of the World:  Gender and Millenarianism in the Regency"

Emily Heady (English, Liberty U), "How a Capitalist Converts: Reading Parables in Dombey and Son"

George Levine (Kenneth Burke Professor of English, Rutgers U), "Is Life Worth Living?"

Seeing Fiction (STEW 313, Sat Sept 2, 3:30pm)

Rachel Ablow (English, SUNY, Buffalo), Moderator

Thomas McLean (English, U of Otago), "Reading Spectacles: Robert Ker Porter's Panoramas and the Emergence of Historical Fiction"

Paul Westover (English, Indiana U), "Mapping the Book-World in Early Nineteenth-Century Britain"

Susan Shelangoskie (English, U of Toledo), "Into a vast sounding gallery; Into a vast picture gallery': Narrative and the Rise of Victorian Philosophical Instruments"

Special Session, organized by Pamela K. Gilbert, Interdisciplinarity and the Body III (STEW 310, Sat Sept 2, 3:30pm)

John Ulrich (English and Modern Languages, Mansfield U), Moderator

Gavin Budge (English, U of Central England), "'Comfortably Numb': Mediatization, Romanticism, and the History of Medicine"

Daniel Mangiavellano (English, Louisiana SU), "Press Forward to Behold What We Shrink From: Diagnosing the Uncontrollable Body in Joanna Baillie and Dr. John Hunter"

Mark Allison (English, U of California, Berkeley), "'Manifold Inarticulate Distress': A Reading of Carlyle's Two Bodies"

Special Session, organized by Lauren Goodlad, Victorian Internationalisms II: International Aestheticisms (STEW 214C/D, Sat Sept 2, 3:30pm)

Joseph McLaughlin (English, Ohio U), Moderator

Andrew McCann (English, Dartmouth C), "Itinerant Aestheticism: Rosa Praed and the Limits of the Metropolitan"

Matthew Potolsky (English, U of Utah), "The Decadent International"

Julia Kent (English, Johns Hopkins U), "Oscar Wilde's 'False Notes': French Novels and the Critique of British Realism"

Architechne: The Craft and Politics of Architecture (STEW 314, Sat Sept 2, 3:30pm)

Erin Chamberlain (English, Purdue U), Moderator

Kai Wood Mah (Architectural History, McGill U), "Close Encounters of Three Kinds: The Schema Model School at the Philadelphia Centennial Exposition of 1876"

Barbara Leckie (English, Carleton U), "'Let Us Look Into a House': Architecture, Geography, and Housing for the Poor, 1842-1893"

Ariyuki Kondo (European-American Culture Department, Seigakuin U), "The Victorian Controversy: Who Was the Bona Fide Architect of the Houses of Parliament?"

Encoding and Knowing Perversion (STEW 322, Sat Sept 2, 3:30pm)

Jon Hodge (English, Babson C), Moderator

Neville Hoad (English, U of Texas, Austin), "The Evolution of the 'Homosexual': The Invert as Symptom"

Sharon Weltman (English, Louisiana SU), "Queering Ruskin"

Ryan McDermott (English, U of California, Berkeley), "Knowledge Games: Rethinking the "Gay Code" in Walter Pater"

George Eliot and homo economicus (STEW 218C/D, Sat Sept 2, 3:30pm)

Lana Dalley (English, California SU), Moderator

Gordon Bigelow (English, Rhodes C), "The Cost of Everything:  Middlemarch and Economic Science"

Aeron Hunt (English, U of New Mexico), "Interested Knowledge: Valuing Character in Bankruptcy and in The Mill on the Floss"

Anna Kornbluh (English and Comparative Literature, U of California, Irvine), "Symptoms of Economy: Sympathetic Extension, Narratorial Excess, and the Ethics of Surplus in Middlemarch"

Picturing Poets (STEW 311, Sat Sept 2, 3:30pm)

Sara R. Danger (English and Humanities, Valparaiso U), Moderator

Gerald Egan (English, U of California, Santa Barbara), "The Image of the Male Romantic Poet and Visual Celebrity: The Frontispiece Steel Engraving in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction"

Michele Martinez (English, Harvard U), "Elizabeth Barrett Browning's Portrait-Transactions"

Beverly Taylor (English, U of North Carolina, Chapel Hill), "The Politics of the Red-haired Child: Millais' Christ in the House of His Parents and Aurora Leigh, Christology and Art's Utility"

The Constitution of Disciplines and Terms (STEW 204, Sat Sept 2, 3:30pm)

Jan Plug (English, U of Western Ontario), Moderator

Crystal Benedicks (English, CUNY), "Diagnosing Spasmodicism: Literary Criticism and Victorian Nervous System"

Ted Underwood (English, U of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign), "F. D. Maurice and the Invention of the Period Survey Course"


5:00pm-5:30pm   Cash Bar, Location: North Ballroom, Purdue Memorial Union
5:30pm - 7:00pm  

Plenary Address II:
Thomas Laqueur , Professor of History, U of California, Berkeley
"Burning the Dead from Shelley to the Late Victorians"
Location: North Ballroom, PMU

Moderator: Douglas Hurt (Department Head, History, Purdue U)

This plenary address is generously sponsored by the History Department at Purdue University

7:00pm   Banquet, Location: South Ballroom, Purdue Memorial Union
Post-Banquet   Swing Band and Dancing, Location: North Ballroom, Purdue Memorial Union


Sunday, September 3, 2006

9:00am - 9:45am   NASSR Business Breakfast, Location: STEW 213
9:00am - 3:00pm   Registration, unclaimed badges in STEW 302/306
9:00am - 9:30am   Continental Breakfast, Location: STEW 302/306
9:00am-1:00pm   Book Fair,
Location: STEW 302/306
9:30am - 11:30am   Session IX (meeting rooms listed below)

Special Session, organized by William Brewer: Romantic Pseudosciences (STEW 214C/D, Sun Sept 3, 9:30am)

William Brewer (English, Appalachian SU), Moderator

Eric G. Wilson (English, Wake Forest U), "Coleridge on Mesmer: The Philosophy of Sleepwalking"

Marjean D. Purinton (English, Texas Tech U), "George Colman's The Iron Chest and Blue-Beard and the Pseudoscience of Curiosity Cabinets"

Kari Lokke (Comparative Literature, U of California, Davis), "Count Saint Germain, Bulwer Lytton's Zanoni, and Esoteric Enthusiasm"

William Brewer (English, Appalachian SU), "Bad Revolutionary Science"

Blake and the Modes of Cognition and Representation (STEW 313, Sun Sept 3, 9:30am)

Angela Esterhammer (Distinguished University Professor of English and Comparative Literature, U of Western Ontario), Moderator

Travis Duncan (English, McMaster U), "On 'Mists & Shadows': Representation and Mourning in Blake's Milton"

Joseph Byrne (English, U of Maryland), "Unfolding Darkness: William Blake and Book Technology in the 1790s"

R. Paul Yoder (English, U of Arkansas), "The Disappearing Context Trick: The Rhetoric of Discontinuity in Blake's Jerusalem"

Laura Quinney (English, Brandeis U), "The Rotten Rags of Memory"

Romanticism and the New Deleuze (STEW 206, Sun Sept 3, 9:30am)

Robert Mitchell (English, Duke U), Moderator

David Baulch (English, U of West Florida), "Repetition, Representation and Revolution: Deleuze and Blake's America"

Ron Broglio (English, Georgia Institute of Technology), "Deleuzian Strolls and Wordsworthian Walks"

Robert Mitchell (English, Duke U), "The Transcendental: Deleuze, P. B. Shelley, and the Freedom of Immobility"

Special Session, organized by Frederick Burwick: The Marquis de Sade and the Scientia and Techne of Eroticism (STEW 214A, Sun Sept 3, 9:30am)

Kathryn Tucker (Comparative Literature, U of California, Los Angeles), Moderator

David McCallam (French, U of Sheffield), "'La Machine': Sade, the Guillotine and Eroticism"

Charles Mahoney (English, U of Connecticut), "Eroteme, Écriture, et Erotisme: The 'Units' of Sadean Machinery"

Kathryn Tucker (Comparative Literature, U of California, Los Angeles), "Staging Sade:  The Construction and Direction of the Charenton Hospital Theater"

Armelle St-Martin (French, U of Manitoba), "La Médecine Italienne et le Système Sadien de la Perversité"

Special Session, organized by Maurice Samuels: Difference and Identity in the Nineteenth Century (STEW 322, Sun Sept 3, 9:30am)

Zak Sitter (English, Xavier U), Moderator

Zak Sitter (English, Xavier U), "How the Orient Became Inorganic"

Bradley Deane (English, U of Minnesota), "Gunga Din and Other Better Men:  Race and Masculinity in Kipling's Verse"

Teresa Huffman Traver (English, U of Notre Dame), "'I have not a home':  Catholic Conversion and English Identity"

Daniel Novak (English, Louisiana State University), "Victoria's 'Accursed Race':  The Cagots and the Racial Body in Nineteenth-Century England"

Taste and Aestheticism (STEW 202, Sun Sept 3, 9:30am)

John Paul Kanwit (English, Indiana U), Moderator

Jason Beardsley (English, Stony Brook U), "Early Romantic Beauty: Burke and the Libido Sciendi of Anna Letitia Barbauld"

Magdalena Ostas (English, Duke U), "Kant, Form, and Feeling"

Ana de Freitas Boe (English, Baldwin-Wallace College), "Making a Science of Beauty: Kalogynomia and the Man of Taste Turned Man of Science"

Antony Harrison (English, North Carolina SU), "Questions of Taste: Culture and Sensation in Mid-Victorian Poetry"

Economics and the Nineteenth Century (STEW 218C/D, Sun Sept 3, 9:30am)

Eileen Gillooly (English, Columbia U), Moderator

Samantha Webb (English, U of Montevallo), "Goldsmith versus Adam Smith: Arthur Young's Art and Science of Subsistence"

Lana Dalley (English, California State U, Fullerton), “Morality in the Marketplace: Uncovering Homo Economicus in ‘A Christmas Carol’”

Emily Steinlight (English, Brown U), "Confessions of a Bullionist: De Quincey's Domestic and Political Economies"

Eleanor Courtemanche (English, U of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign), "Butterfly Economics: Unintended Consequences in Vanity Fair"

Across Space and Time: Theorizing Dialogue (STEW 320, Sun Sept 3, 9:30am)

Françoise Le Jeune (English, U de Nantes), Moderator

Natalia Mikhailova (Comparative Literature, SUNY, Buffalo), "Mystery of Language in Novalis and Heidegger"

Christian Walker (English, SUNY, Stony Brook), "Fashioning the Ancient Forest:  Kubla Khan and Mary Robinson's Xanadu"

Michael Eberle-Sinatra (Départment d'études anglaises, U de Montréal) and Joanna Aroutian (Départment d'études anglaises, U de Montréal), "Hazlitt's Liber Amoris and Stendhal's De l'Amour in Dialogue"

Kristin Mahoney (English, Duke U), "D.G. Rossetti's Fleshly Medievalism: History and the Emergence of a British Avant-Garde"

Special Session, organized by Gilbert Chaitin: Culture Wars and Identity in French Third Republic Education (STEW 318, Sun Sept 3, 9:30am)

Gilbert Chaitin (Comparative Literature, Indiana U), Moderator

Ralph Albanese (Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures, U of Memphis), "Republican School Discourse and the Construction of French Cultural Identity: La Fontaine and Corneille as Case Studies"

M. Martin Guiney (French, Kenyon C), "Literary Pedagogy and/as Religious Ritual in the French Third Republic"

Beth Gale (French, Clark U), "Education, Literature and the Battle over Female Identity in Third Republic France"

Gilbert Chaitin (Comparative Literature, Indiana U), "The Ineradicable Allure of Nothingness:  The Educational Roots of Nationalist Identity in Maurice Barrès's Novel of National Energy"

Figuring Theatre (STEW 311, Sun Sept 3, 9:30am)

Rebecca Mitchell (English, U of Texas, Pan-American), Moderator

Daniel O'Quinn (English and Theatre Studies, U of Guelph), "Bread: The Eruption and Interruption of Politics in Elizabeth Inchbald's Every One Has His Fault"

Rick Incorvati (English, Wittenberg U), "Thomas Holcroft and the Problem of the Spouting Club, Or Preserving the Fine Art of the Fine Arts"

Jennifer Schacker (English and Theatre Studies, U of Guelph), "Unruly Tales: Ideology, Anxiety, and the Victorian Pantomime"

Michael Meeuwis (English, U of Chicago), "'To act this wedded lie': Modern Love's Mental Stages"

Special Session, organized by Nicholas Dames, Reading and the Victorian Neural Sciences I (STEW 310, Sun Sept 3, 9:30am)

Nicholas Dames (English, Columbia U), Moderator

Andrew Elfenbein (English, U of Minnesota), "What Humanists Need to Know about the Scientific Study of Reading"

Debra Gettelman (English, C of the Holy Cross), "Reading, Writing, and Reverie in Victorian Psychology"

Anne Stiles (English, American Academy of Arts and Sciences), "H.G. Wells and the Evolving Brain: Reading the Neurological Romance"

Leah Price (English, Harvard U), Respondent

Painful Knowledge (STEW 314, Sun Sept 3, 9:30pm)

Patrick R. O'Malley (English, Georgetown U), Moderator

David Sigler (English, U of Virginia), "Masochism and the Emergence of Psychoanalysis in Dacre's Zofloya, or the Moor"

Amy Jamgochian (Rhetoric, U of California, Berkeley), "'A something between delight and misery': Narrative, Desire, and the Shattered Self in Persuasion"

Rachel Ablow (English, SUNY, Buffalo), "Romola and the Torturer's Apprentice"

Courtney Wennerstrom (English, Indiana U), "Legacies of Tortured Sensibility; or, What Shakira Learned From Sade"

11:30pm - 1:00pm   Lunch on your own (or boxed lunches in STEW 302/306)
1:00pm - 2:30pm   Session X (meeting rooms listed below)

Knowing Things II: Romantic Materiality (STEW 218C/D, Sun Sept 3, 1:00pm)

Geraldine Friedman (English, Purdue U), Moderator

George Erving (English, U of Puget Sound), “Coleridge’s ‘Preternatural Agency’ and the Politics of Matter”

Eric Sonstroem (English, U of the Pacific), “Beachcomber Byron(s):  The Materiality of Nature in the Contact Zone of Romantic-Era Anthropology”

Jacqueline George (English, U of Michigan), “‘All these lovers of books have themselves become books!’: Leigh Hunt in his Library”

Crafting the Romantic Image (STEW 202, Sun Sept 3, 1:00pm)

Lorne D. MacDonald (English, U of Calgary), Moderator

Debbie Lee (English, Washington SU), "Technology, Virgins, and Harlots: The Art of Engraving Blake's Thel and Hogarth's Moll"

Vivien Rundle (English, U of Calgary) and Lorne D. MacDonald (English, U of Calgary), "From Wellington at Waterloo to Wordsworth on Helvellyn: Ekphrasis and the Painting of Poesis in Haydon, Wordsworth, and Barrett"

Natalie Dykstra (English, Hope C), "Clover's Rückenfiguren:  The Translation of Romantic Art in the Photography of Marian 'Clover' Adams"

Wordsworth's Poetics of Power (STEW 214A, Sun Sept 3, 1:00pm)

Elizabeth Miller (English, Ohio U), Moderator

Nicole Reynolds (English and Women's Studies, Ohio U), "'In the guise of an enthusiast': William Wordsworth, Helen Maria Williams and the Architectural Uncanny"

Ellen O'Brien (English and Women's Studies, Roosevelt U), "'Well-measured terrors': The Lyrical Politics of Wordsworth's Sonnets Upon the Punishment of Death"

Bonnie Gunzenhauser (English, Roosevelt U), "Conquering 'the tyranny of bad taste': Wordsworth, Poetic Language, and the Copyright Sonnets of 1838"

Special Session, organized by Pamela K. Gilbert, Interdisciplinarity and the Body IV (STEW 206, Sun Sept 3, 1:00pm)

Pamela K. Gilbert (English, U of Florida), Moderator

Irene Tucker (English, U of California, Irvine), "On Paranoia and the Professionalization of Medicine: Wilkie Collins and the Rugeley Poisoner"

Jessica Howell (English, U of California, Davis), "Fever Digs the White Man's Grave: Climatic Disease in Victorian West Africa"

Meegan Kennedy (English, Florida SU), "Diagnosis or Detour: The Uses of Medical Realism in the Victorian Novel"

Cognition and the Body I: Memory, Imagination, and the Brain (STEW 320, Sun Sept 3, 1:00pm)

Nicholaus Podsiadlik (English, Indiana U), Moderator

Zia Gluhbegovic (English, U of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign), "Kubla Khan: Consciousness Redux?"

Chris Hokanson (English, Indiana U), "Nineteenth-century Mnemonics and Information Overload"

Genie Babb (English, U of Alaska, Anchorage), "'The Harness in Which Man's Mental Freedom Goes': Keeping Body and Soul Together in H. G. Wells' Early Fiction"

Special Session, organized by Sara Malton, Recounting: Romantic and Victorian Finance I (STEW 214C/D, Sun Sept 3, 1:00pm)

Sara Malton (English, Saint Mary's U), Moderator

Eric Lindstrom (English, Yale U), "They Are All Paper Money Lyrics: Peacock and the Bank of England Fiat, 1797-1837"

Lee Erickson (English, Marshall U), "The Midas of Carlyle's Past and Present in the Deflation of the 1840s"

Ann-Barbara Graff (English, Nipissing U), "From Capital to Capitol:  Walter Bagehot, Lombard Street, and Riskfree Business of England"

Media Relations (STEW 318, Sun Sept 3, 1:00pm)

Christopher Nagle (English, Western Michigan U), Moderator

Andrew Franta (English, U of Utah), "Jane Austen's Paper"

Nikki Hessell (Communications and Journalism, Massey U), "Newspapers and Knowledge in Jane Austen's Novels"

Edward Jacobs (English, Old Dominion U), "The Politicization of Science and Technology in Cleave's Weekly Police Gazette (1834-6)"

Special Session, organized by Nicholas Dames: Reading and the Victorian Neural Sciences II (STEW 310, Sun Sept 3, 1:00pm)

Nicholas Dames (English, Columbia U), Moderator

Sue Zemka (English, U of Colorado), "Minds Calibrated by Machines: The Industrial Reader"

Kent Puckett (English, U of California, Berkeley), "Stupid Sensations: Reading Middlemarch without a Brain"

Kristie Allen (English, Rutgers U), "Victorian Neuroscience and the Reading Habit"

Special Session, organized by Lauren Goodlad, Victorian Internationalisms III: Internationalisms and Politics (STEW 322, Sun Sept 3, 1:00pm)

Judith Stoddart (English, Michigan State U), Moderator

Julia M. Wright (English, Dalhousie U), "European Geopolitics in the 1840s: Cavour's Considerations and MacCarthy's 'Afghanistan'"

Andrea Rehn (English, Cornell U), "Rajah Brooke, Lord Jim and Informal Imperialism"

Lauren M. E. Goodlad (English, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign), "Trollopian Foreign Policy"

The Ethical Turn III: George Eliot's Ethics (STEW 314, Sun Sept 3, 1:00pm)

Kristen Pond (English, U of North Carolina), Moderator

Hina Nazar (English, U of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign), "Face Values: George Eliot and the Turn to Ethics"

Ilana Blumberg (English, Michigan SU), "'Love Yourself As Your Neighbor': The Ethics of Mid-Victorian Novels"

Kimberley Stern (English, Ithaca C), "Discriminating Minds: George Eliot's Impressions of Theophrastus Such and the Ethics of Criticism"

2:30pm - 2:45pm   Refreshment Break, Location: STEW 302/306
2:45pm - 4:15pm   Session XI (meeting rooms listed below)

Romantic Botany (STEW 320, Sun Sept 3, 2:45pm)

Olga Volkova (English, Indiana U), Moderator

Ann R. Hawkins (English, Texas Tech U), "Sentiment and Science: The "Rhetoric" of Flowers in Early Nineteenth-century Britain and America"

Gary Handwerk (Comparative Literature, U of Washington), "Implanting Virtue: Rousseau as Botanist"

Melissa Bailes (English, U of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign), "'On the green margin': Borders of Botanical Knowledge in Charlotte Smith's 'Flora'"

Transatlantic Romanticism (STEW 214A, Sun Sept 3, 2:45pm)

Kevin Hutchings (English, U of Norther British Columbia), Moderator

Christina Valeo (English, Eastern Washington U), "Transatlantic Literary Transactions: Thomas Campbell, Joseph Brant, and a Revolutionary Tale"

Kevin Hutchings (English, U of Northern British Columbia), "Colonial History and Literary Form in Thomas Campbell's Gertrude of Wyoming"

Erik Simpson (English, Grinnell C), "Last Minstrels, Last Mohicans: Romanticism and Transatlantic Minstrelsy before 1840"

The Scientia and Techne of Romantic Lyricism (STEW 218C/D, Sun Sept 3, 2:45pm)

Laura Mandell (English, Miami U), Moderator

Kir Kuiken (English and Comparative Literature, U of California, Irvine), "Wordsworth's Second Missed Crossing: Techne and the Imaginatio Negativa of The Prelude"

Cale Scheinbaum (English, Rutgers U), "Locke, Clocks, and Spectator: A Genealogy of the Romantic Lyric"

Michael Gamer (English, U of Pennsylvania), "From New Sciences to Pastoral Retreats: The Changing Nature of Lyrical Ballads"

Cognition and the Body II: Understanding How We Come to Understand (STEW 311, Sun Sept 3, 2:45pm)

William Peck (English, Purdue U), Moderator

Vanessa Ryan (English, Harvard U), "Blink: Thinking without Thinking in the Victorian Novel"

Kay Young (English, U of California, Santa Barbara), "Mind Work and the 19th-Century English Novel"

Lisa Brocklebank (English, Brown U), "'With the Species in Mind: Vernon Lee's Theory of Reading"

Special Session, organized by Lauren Goodlad, Victorian Internationalisms IV: Beyond East and West (STEW 322, Sun Sept 3, 2:45pm)

Bradley Deane (English, U of Minnesota), Moderator

Audrey Murfin (English, U of Binghamton), "Framed by the East, Tamed by the West: Arabian Nights Entertainments and the Short Fiction of Wilkie Collins"

Andrea Bobotis (English, U of Virginia), "From Egypt to Ireland: Lady Augusta Gregory and Cross-Cultural Nationalisms in Victorian Ireland"

Joseph McLaughlin (English, Ohio U),"London's Burning: The Japanese Village and the Metropolitan Construction of Modernity"

Bodies Outside the Law (STEW 310, Sun Sept 3, 2:45pm)

Susan Davis (English, Indiana U), Moderator

Mary Jean Corbett (English, Miami U), "Common Savages: 'Incest' in the 1880s"

Goldie Morgentaler (English, U of Lethbridge), "Medical Dissection in the Fiction of Dickens and Eliot: A Mid-Victorian Literary Debate"

Christine Ferguson (English, U of Alberta), "Cloning the Victorians"

Special Session, organized by Sara Malton, Recountings: Romantic and Victorian Finance II (STEW 214C/D, Sun Sept 3, 2:45pm)

Sara Malton (English, Saint Mary's U), Moderator

Nancy Henry (English, SUNY, Binghamton), "'Rushing into Eternity':  Financial Motives for Suicide"

D. M. Lovett (English, U of Connecticut), "Economic Agency, Homo Economicus, and the Market Mechanism in Charlotte Brontë's Villette"

Elsie Michie (English, Louisiana SU), "Heiresses and Economic Anxiety"

The Craft of Illustration in the Victorian Period (STEW 202, Sun Sept 3, 2:45pm)

Susan Griffin (English, U of Louisville), Moderator

Lorraine Janzen Kooistra (English, Ryerson), "Pictures and Poems in the Modern Age: The Yellow Book Draws the Line"

Amy Manning (English, Indiana U), "The (Un)Speaking Image: Text and Illustration in Orley Farm"

Mary Elizabeth Leighton (English, U of Victoria) and Lisa Surridge (English, U of Victoria), "Illustrated Serial Fiction in the 1860s: Du Maurier, Braddon, Gaskell"

The Ethical Turn IV: Victorian Ethics (STEW 318, Sun Sept 3, 2:45pm)

Dianna Vitanza (English, Baylor U), Moderator

Mary-Catherine Harrison (English, U of Michigan), "Empathy Across Difference: Three Scenes of Victorian Reading"

Carolyn Lesjak (English, Swarthmore C), "Victorian Ethics and Material Culture"

Mario Ortiz-Robles (English, U of Wisconsin, Madison), "Ethics, Subjectivity, and the Role of Impersonation in the Victorian Novel"

Special Session, organized by Matthew Rowlinson, Victorian Symptoms (STEW 314, Sun Sept 3, 2:45pm)

Matthew Rowlinson (English, U of Western Ontario), Moderator

Matthew Rowlinson (English, U of Western Ontario), "How Did Darwin Invent the Symptom?"

Kate Thomas (English, Bryn Mawr), "Matthew Arnold's Diet"

Richard Dellamora (English and Cultural Studies, Trent U), "Telepathic Symptoms: Wilde in 1893 and in 1927"

Recounting Gender (STEW 206, Sun Sept 3, 2:45pm)

Katherine D. Harris (English, San Jose SU), Moderator
Alice Jenkins (English, U of Glasgow), "Euclid in Drag: Geometry, Gender and Eroticism"

Susan Brown (English, U of Guelph), "'Hearts and Darts': Commodification, Textual Circulation, and the Gendered Narratives of Mary Barton"

Nicole Fluhr (English, Southern Connecticut SU), "The Letter and the Law, or how Caroline Norton Rewrote Female Subjectivity"


1st Seating: 6:30pm

2nd Seating: 7:00pm

3rd Seating: 7:30pm

  Dinner Downtown

Location: Bistro 501
501 Main St., Lafayette (corner of Main and 5th)


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