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English Language and Linguistics

M.A. Theses

Allen Redmon, The Religious Register in American English: An Initial Qualitative Study

Lesa Peterson, Constructing Spatial Behavior: A Semiotic and Linguistic Exploration of Public Regulatory Signage

Jeanelle Barrett, Dialect, Steretype, and Humor

Sara Shelton, Crossing Discourse Boundaries: An Analysis of Gricean Maxims in Oral, Written, and Computer-Mediated Communication

Colleen Brice, She's a Chick; He's a Stud: A Study of Female and Male Interpretations of Animal Metaphors
Gary Jasdzewski, Vygotskii and Whorf on the Relation of Language to Thought

Paul Baltes, On Meaning, Reference and Predicative Functions of Personal Names
Marnie Petray, The Tense, Mood, and Aspect System of Krobo Dangme
Melinda Reichelt, Teaching Alternatives to Generic "He" in the Freshman Composition Class

Donnalee Hughes, Making Linguistic Semantics Work for Natural Language Processing
David Umbach, Toward a Semantics of Conversation