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Community Engagement Programs

The College of Liberal Arts' mission is to educate every individual to live more knowledgeably, responsibly, and humanely in a society in which simple solutions no longer answer complex problems. 

Community Engagement describes the research, teaching, learning, and leadership activities in which university and community members participate through mutually beneficial collaborations.  Engagement increases a community’s well being while enhancing the quality of scholarship on the Purdue campus.


Purdue University is committed to community engagement.  It was granted The Carnegie Elective Classification for Community Engagement in 2009.

The College of Liberal Arts Engagement office works with community stakeholders to build a stronger economy, to foster cultural, environmental, and historical appreciations, and to address challenges that face today’s students and citizens, and tomorrow’s leaders.

The College of Liberal Arts Engagement office supports three major programs:  Building Community, the Public Square Forum, and Service Learning Courses.  It provides modest levels of financial assistance for research, supplies and expenses, performers and speakers, and program coordinators.

The College seeks new ways to support students and faculty in community engagement work through research, service learning, public presentations and performances, and voluntary involvement in programs designed to improve life circumstances in our community, the State of Indiana, the United States, and the wider world.

JoAnn Miller
August 2014

Presidential Address delivered by JoAnn Miller at the Society for the Study of Social Problems Annual Meeting. August 14, 2010

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