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Sorin Adam Matei

Associate Professor

Ph.D., University of Southern California
M.A., Tufts University
B.A., Bucharest University

Curriculum Vitae
Office: BRNG 2132
Office Phone: (765) 494-3429
Web Site:


Sorin Adam Matei - Associate Professor and Discovery Park Fellow - studies the relationship between information technology, social structures in knowledge markets.  His latest project, Kredible.Net ( is dedicated to creating a community of scholars interested in reputation and authority on social media.  The project also supports a "big data" mining project, which aims to determine how egalitarian is content production on Wikipedia.  His work was published in the Journal of Communication, Communication Resarch, Information Society, and Foreign Policy.  His work was funded by the National Science Foundation and is conducted in collaboration with colleagues from a variety of campus units, such as Sociology, Computer Science, and Engineering.  Dr. Matei's teaching portfolio includes research methods, multimedia design, usability, online interaction, and online community development classes.  His teaching makes use of a number of software platforms he has codeveloped, such as Visible Effort or Visible Past.  Dr. Matei is also known for his media work.  He is a former BBC World Service journalist whose contributions have been published in Esquire and several leading Romanian newspapers.  In Romania, he is known for his books Boierii Mintii (The Mind Boyars), Idolii forului (Idols of the forum), and Idei de schimb (Spare ideas).

Representative Publications   (Dr. Matei's most recent publications)
  • Matei, S. A., & Bertino, E. (2014). Roles, Trust, and Reputation in Social Media Knowledge Markets: Theory and Methods. New York: Springer New York.
  • Artl@s and BasArt: A loose coupling strategy for digital humanities
  • Spatial (Digital) History: A Total Art History? - The Artl@s Projects
  • Latent Crusaders: Narrative Strategies of Survival in Early Modern Danubian Principalities, 1550-1750
  • Wikipedia's "Neutral Point of View": Settling Confict through Ambiguity
  • Matei, S. A., Ball-Rokeach, Sandra J, & Ungurean, S. (2007). Communication Channels, Spatial Stereotyping, and Urban Conflict: A Cross-Scale and Spatio-Temporal Perspective. Journal of Dispute Resolution, 1, pp. 196-203.
  • Matei, S. A., Miller, C. C., Arns, L., Rauh, N., Hartman, C., & Bruno, R. (2007). Visible Past: Learning and discovering in real and virtual space and time [Electronic Version]. First Monday, 12. Retrieved April 18 from
  • Lee, S., Monge, P., Bar, F., & Matei, S. A. (2007). The emergence of clusters in global telecommunications network. Journal of Communication, 57, 415-434.
  • Matei, S. A. (2006). Globalization and heterogenization: Cultural and civilizational clustering in telecommunicative space (1989-1999). Informatics and Telematics, 23 , 316-331.
  • Matei, S. A. and Ball-Rokeach, S. (2005). Watts, the 1965 Los Angeles riots and the communicative construction of the “fear epicenter” of Los Angeles. Communication Monographs, 72, 301-323.
  • Matei, S. A. (2005). From counterculture to cyberculture: Virtual community discourse and the dilemma of modernity. Journal of Computer Mediated Communication. Vol. 10(3). Retrieved July 1, 2006, from
  • Matei, S.A., (2004). The Mind Boyars. Compania: Bucharest.