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Melanie Morgan

Associate Professor; Director of Graduate Studies

Ph.D., University of Kansas
M.A., University of Arkansas
B.S., Texas Christian University

Office: BRNG 2148
Office Phone: (765) 494-3305


Melanie Morgan (Ph.D., University of Kansas), is an associate professor of communication and the Director of Graduate Studies for the Brian Lamb School of Communication. She also directs COM 217: Science Communication and teaches courses in communication research methods, organizational communication, organizational communication consulting and intercultural communication. Dr. Morgan’s research interests include communication and aging, aging and the workforce, and employee health and wellness. Her research has focused on the production of complex messages across wide range of contexts, including: aging, legal, organizational, and scientific contexts. Dr. Morgan is the co-author of Presentational Speaking: Theory and Practice, and her work has appeared in journals such as The Journal of Communication, Health Communication, and Communication Studies.

Representative Publications

Organizational Communication

  • Morgan, M., Greene, J. O., Gill, E., & McCullough, J. (2009). The creative character of talk: Individual differences in narrative production abilities, Communication Studies, 60, 1-17.
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  • Morgan, M. & Hummert, M. L. (2000). Perceptions of communicative control strategies in mother-daughter dyads across the life span. Journal of Communication, 50, 48-64.