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Lorraine Kisselburgh

Lorraine Kisselburgh

Assistant Professor

Ph.D., Purdue University
M.S., Purdue University
A.B., University of Southern California

Curriculum Vitae
Office: BRNG 2162


Lorraine’s research interests center around organizing and socializing practices in sociotechnical contexts.  Her current research projects include: Collaborative organizing in design and technological contexts; Privacy and social networks; Contextual and cultural influences on organizing; Ethics and emerging technologies; Gender, culture, and STEM careers; Difference, marginalized voices and populations; Organizational leadership and diversity. She is also currently developing an ethnography of cyborgian identity.  She analyzes social and semantic network structures, and uses novel wearable technologies to examine the social dynamics of organizing as well as material and embodied practices in organizing.

Representative Publications

  • Zhao, Z. Badam, S.K., Park,      D.G., Chandrasegaran, S., Elmqvist, N., Kisselburgh, L., & Ramani, K.      (2014). skWiki: A multimedia sketching system for collaborative      creativity. In Proceedings of ACM      SIGCHI (pp. forthcoming). New York, NY: ACM.
  • Kisselburgh, L., Zoltowski, C.,      Beever, J., Hess, J., Krane, M., & Brightman, A. (2013). Enabling      engineering ethics: Using scaffolded, integrated, and reflexive analysis      (SIRA) of ethics cases and cyber-enabled learning modules to develop moral      reasoning.  In Proceedings of the ACM / IEEE Frontiers in Education.
  • Chandrasegaran, S., Kisselburgh,      L., & Ramani, K. (2013). Understanding brainstorming through text      visualization. In Proceedings of the      ASME 2013 International Design Engineering Technical Conferences &      Computers and Information in Engineering Conference (IDETC/CIE). New      York, NY: ASME Publishing.
  • Berkelaar, B. L., Buzzanell, P.      M., Kisselburgh, L.G., Tan, W., & Shen, Y. (2012). “First it’s dirty.      Second it’s dangerous. Third, it’s insulting”: Urban Chinese children talk      about dirty work. Communication      Monographs, 79, 93-114.
  • Caine, K., Kisselburgh, L.G.,      & Lareau, L. (2011). Audience visualization influences online social      network disclosure decisions. Proceedings      of the ACM SIGCHI Extended Abstracts on Human Factors in Computing Systems      (pp. 1663-1668). Vancouver, BC, Canada. New York, NY: ACM.      doi>10.1145/1979742.1979825
  • Kisselburgh, L.G., Berkelaar,      B.L., & Buzzanell, P.M. (2009). Discourse, gender, and the meaning of      work: Rearticulating science, technology, and engineering careers through      communicative lenses. Communication      Yearbook, 33, 259-299.
  • Putnam, L., Kisselburgh, L.G.,      Berkelaar, B.L., Buzzanell, P.M., Mastronardi, M., Jackson, M., Stoltzfus,      K., Jorgenson, J., & Wang, J. (2009). 21st century STEM careers:      Communication perspectives and research opportunities. In L. Harter      & M.J. Dutta (Eds.), Engaging communication theory, research, and      pedagogy to communicate for social impact. Hampton Press.
  • Kuhn, T., Golden, A.G.,      Jorgenson, J., Buzzanell, P.M., Berkelaar, B.L., Kisselburgh, L.G.,      Kleinman, S., & Cruz, D. (2008). Cultural discourses and discursive      resources for meaning/ful work: Constructing and disrupting identities in      contemporary capitalism. Management      Communication Quarterly, 22, 162-171.
  • Frye, J.J., Kisselburgh, L.G.,      & Butts, D.C. (2007). Embracing spiritual followership. Communication Studies, 58, 243-260.

Selected Honors and Awards

  • National Science Foundation. 2012–2015. $750,000.      V-ICED: Visually-Integrated Cyber Exploratorium for Design. Ramani, K.,      Kisselburgh, L.G., & Elmqvist, N. Computer & Information Sciences      & Engineering Directorate: Division of Information and Intelligent      Systems.
  • National Science Foundation. 2012–2015. $300,000.      SIRA Modules for Effectively Engaging Engineers in Ethical Reasoning About      Emerging Technologies. Brightman, A., Kisselburgh, L.G., Krane, M., &      Zoltowski, C. Engineering Directorate: Division of Engineering Education      & Centers.
  • Susan Bulkeley Butler Faculty Scholar, Purdue University, 2012. Inaugural Faculty Scholar.
  • Fellow of CERIAS (Information Assurance and Security). Purdue University.
  • Diversity Fellow. Purdue University, 2011-12. For contributions toward enhancing diversity at Purdue University through inclusive approaches to teaching, learning, and assessment. 
  • Service Learning Fellow. Purdue University, 2008-09
  • Violet      Haas Award. For efforts on behalf of women at Purdue. Council on the Status of      Women, Purdue University 2004.