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COM 114

Summer 2014 COM 114
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STAR Dates:

If the Written Exam was passed, there will be an oral exam (as assigned) on:


SPRING 2014 COM 114
Test-Out dates:

Session #1  - January 27, 2014
Location: BRNG 2290  
Time: 5:45pm

Session #2  - March 27, 2014
Location: BRNG 2280
Time: 6:00pm

Oral Exam:
If the written exam is passed, there will be an Oral Exam on February 10, 2014 in BRNG B222 for Session #1 and another on April 10, 2014 for Session #2 in BRNG B232

COM 114 is a required course for many students at Purdue. It is a study of communication theories as applied to speech and involves practical communicative experiences ranging from interpersonal communication and small group process through problem identification and solution in discussion to informative and persuasive speaking in standard speaker-audience situations.

Click here for the most recent syllabi: Spring 2014


There are two possible ways to establish credit for COM114 (test-out procedures): 

1) Credit without exam

Credit is awarded without exam to students who have taken at least one year of speech, debate, forensics or public speaking in high school. These courses must have been conducted and the assignments completed in ENGLISH. The student must also have a verbal score of at least 550 on the SAT or 24 on the ACT. A transcript verifying the student's work must be submitted along with the form available below to Jeralyn Faris in BRNG 2114. 


2) Credit with exam

Credit is awarded with exam to students who successfully pass a written exam and deliver a persuasive speech. Both tests must be passed to establish credit. All students who meet the following criteria may attempt credit with exam regardless of previous classes taken or SAT/ACT scores. The criteria include:

1. The student must be officially enrolled in Purdue University.
2. The student cannot be enrolled in COM 114 and attempt the test-out at the same time.
3. The student may not take the test-out if the student has already attended a COM 114 class.
4. The student may not attempt to establish credit for COM 114 more than one time. Testing out is a one
time opportunity.
5. The student must obtain Form 231 from his/her counselor and bring it with him/her to the written portion
of the exam.

For detailed information on the written exam, speech process and requirements see the link below.


Questions related to the test out process may be emailed to