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Sharon Williams

Adjunct Assistant Professor of Anthropology

Sharon Williams received her Ph.D. from the Ohio State University in 2003 and joined the faculty at Purdue University in 2006.

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Human Biology; Reproductive Ecology; Adaptation, Aging and Health; Biomedical Anthropology; Psychosocial Stress and Health; Indigenous populations of N.E. India; Field Methods in Human Biology Research; Laboratory Analysis of Biological Samples.

Dr. Williams’ work focuses on the intersection between behavior, ecology, biology and health.  She is currently working with researchers from the University of Chicago on the National Social Life, Health and Aging Project (NSHAP) – a community based study of older Americans.  She also maintains an active field site in Sikkim, India where she works with Bhutia women to understand the impact of modernization and political change on health and reproduction.  In addition to field-based research, Dr. Williams also maintains a working laboratory for human biology research and has worked to develop new field friendly methods of biological data collection as well as new assays to analyze these samples for ELISA and Luminex platforms.  She has presented papers at national and international conferences and has been invited to present papers at conferences on Physiological Anthropology and Biomarkers.  She is currently the treasurer for the Association of Anthropology and Gerontology (AAGE).  She has taught courses on Physical Anthropology, Human Adaptation, Modern Human Variation, Reproductive Ecology,  the Anthropology of Aging, Gender and Global Health, Human Evolution, and Anthropological Population Genetics.

Honors and Awards

Fulbright IIE Fellow -- India, 2001

Recent and Forthcoming Publications

Williams SR. 2006.  Menstrual cycle characteristics and predictability of ovulation in Bhutia women in Sikkim, India.  Journal of Physiological Anthropology.  25(1): 85-90. 

Williams SR. In Press.  CH 8: Measuring Stress in Special Populations. In GH Ice and GD James, eds. Measuring Stress in Humans.   Cambridge University Press: Cambridge. 

McDade TW, Williams SR, Snodgrass JJ.  In Review.  What a drop can do.  Demography