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Elective Courses Fulfilling Part B

History of Art and Design
AD 33400 New Media Culture
AD 35800 History of Graphic Art & Graphic Design
AD 38200 19th Century Art
AD 38400 Contemporary Art
AD 39500 History of Design
AD 45400 Modern Architecture
AD 59000 Images of Nature

African American Studies
AAS 47300 Blacks in Hollywood Film*

Asian American Studies
ASAM 24000 Introduction to Asian American Studies

ANTH 34000 Global Perspectives on Health
ANTH 34100 Culture and Personality
ANTH 35200 Drugs, Culture and Society
ANTH 36800 Sociolinguistic Study of African American English
ANTH 37300 Anthropology of Religion
ANTH 37900 Indians of North American+
ANTH 50500 Culture and Society
ANTH 57800 Peoples of Middle America

COM 32900 History of Mass Media

ECON 37500 U.S. Economic History
ECON 45600 Urban Economics

Education: Curriculum & Instruction and Education Studies
EDST 20000 History & Philosophy of Education

ENGL 25000 Great American Books+
ENGL 35000 Survey of American Literature from Its Beginnings to 1865+
ENGL 35100 Survey of American Literature from 1865 to the Post-World War II Period+
ENGL 35200 Native American Literature
ENGL 35400 Asian American Literature
ENGL 35800 Black Drama+
ENGL 35900 Black Women Writers
ENGL 37000 19th Century American Literature
ENGL 37100 20th Century American Literature
ENGL 38200 The American Novel+
ENGL 38600 History of the Film to 1938
ENGL 38700 History of the Film from 1938 to Present
ENGL 39600 Studies in Literature & Language*
ENGL 41100 Studies in Major Authors*
ENGL 41200 Studies in Genre*
ENGL 41300 Studies in Literature & History*
ENGL 41400 Studies in Literature & Culture*
ENGL 46000 Studies in Women's Literature*
ENGL 55200 Studies in Major American Authors*
ENGL 55300 Colonial & Early American Literature
ENGL 55400 American Literary Culture, 1820-1860
ENGL 55600 19th Century American Fiction
ENGL 55700 19th Century African American Narrative
ENGL 55800 American Literature in the Later 19th Century
ENGL 56000 Modern American Poetry
ENGL 57500 Modern American Drama
ENGL 57800 Early 20th Century American Fiction
ENGL 58300 U.S. Ethnic/Multicultural Literature*
ENGL 59500 Contemporary American Fiction
ENGL 59600 Advanced Studies in Literature & Language*

HIST 30200 Historical Topics*
HIST 30400 American in the 1960s
HIST 35400 Women in America to 1870+
HIST 35500 History of American Military Affairs
HIST 35600 America in Vietnam
HIST 36500 Women in America+
HIST 36600 Hispanic Heritage of the U.S.+
HIST 37100 Society, Culture, and Rock & Roll
HIST 37200 History of the American West
HIST 37500 Women in American since 1870
HIST 37600 History of Indiana
HIST 37700 History & Culture of Native America
HIST 38200 American Constitutional History+
HIST 38300 Recent American Constitutional History+
HIST 38400 History of Aviation
HIST 38700 History of the Space Age
HIST 39400 Environmental History of the U.S.
HIST 39600 The Afro-American to 1865+
HIST 39800 The Afro-American from 1865+
HIST 39900 A History of Medicine in America
HIST 46000 American Colonial History
HIST 46100 The Revolutionary Era, 1763 to 1800
HIST 46300 Creation of American Legal Culture
HIST 46400 Jacksonian America 1815-1850
HIST 46500 Civil War & Reconstruction, 1850 to 1877
HIST 46700 The Emergence of Modern America
HIST 46800 Recent American History
HIST 46900 Black Civil Rights Movement
HIST 47100 History of the Great Plains Indians
HIST 47300 History of the South
HIST 47500 Spanish Frontier in North America
HIST 48500 Topics in American Political History*
HIST 49200 Seminar in Historical Topics*
HIST 49400 Science & Technology in American Civilization
HIST 49500 Research Seminar in Historical Topics*
HIST 58400 Social History of the U.S.
HIST 58500 American Labor History
HIST 58600 U.S. Foreign Affairs to World War I
HIST 58700 U.S. Foreign Affairs: World War II to Present
HIST 58900 History of Religions in America
HIST 59200 Early American Intellectual History
HIST 59300 20th Century American Intellectual History
HIST 59400 Afro American Thought & Ideology
HIST 59600 The American City

ITAL 33500 Italian American Cinema

Landscape Architecture
LA 26600 Frank Lloyd Wright

PHIL 24200 Philosophy, Culture, & the African American Experience+

Political Science
POL 23100 Introduction to U.S. Foreign Policy+
POL 31400 The President & Policy Process
POL 32600 Black Political Participation in America+
POL 35300 Current Political Ideologies
POL 36000 Women and the Law+
POL 37300 Campaigns & Elections
POL 41000 Political Parties & Politics
POL 41100 Congress: Structure & Functioning
POL 41500 U.S. Politics & the Media
POL 42500 Environmental Law & Politics
POL 43400 U.S. Foreign Policy, Central America, & the Caribbean
POL 43600 Selected Problems in United States Foreign Policy
POL 46000 Judicial Politics
POL 46100 Constitutional Law I
POL 46200 Constitutional Law II
POL 51700 The Politics of Capital & Labor in the United States
POL 52200 Energy Politics & Public Policy
POL 52300 Environmental Politics & Public Policy
POL 52400 Public Policy & the Family

PSY 33500 Stereotyping & Prejudice+

SOC 31000 Racial & Ethnic Diversity+
SOC 31200 American Society+
SOC 36700 Relgion in America+
SOC 39100 Selected Topics in Sociology*
SOC 45000 Gender Roles in Modern Society+
SOC 51400 Racial & Cultural Minorities
SOC 51500 Black Americans
SOC 53100 Community Organization

SPAN 33500 The Literature of the Spanish-Speaking Peoples in the U.S.+

Women's Studies
WOST 38000 Gender & Multiculturalism
WOST 38100 Women of Color in the U.S.+
WOST 383 Women & Work
WOST 48200 Interdisciplinary Studies in Sexuality: Scholarship in Lesbian & Gay Issues


* Courses marked with * are variable title and/or variable credit courses. They are generally individualized programs of instruction requiring the consent of the instructor. These courses may be applied to the American Studies major only in cases where the content is extensively relevant to American Studies. They require the permission of the Director of Undergraduate Studies for American Studies before they may be applied to the American Studies major.

+ Courses marked with + fufill the CLA Core Curriculum requirement.