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Students study human society and culture by investigating how individuals and social groups relate to one another. The primary aim of coursework is to provide students with an understanding of social institutions and organizations, social behavior and social structures, cultures, and the theories and methods for studying them. 

Points of Pride

  • The department is affiliated with the Social Research Institute (SRI).
  • Purdue has an active student chapter of Alpha Kappa Delta, a sociology/law and society organization.
  • Students interested in legal professions and occupations are encouraged to join the Purdue Pre-Law Club.
  • Sociology students may pursue a service learning course in their third or fourth year or work as an intern in the Lafayette area.
  • Faculty are currently engaged in funded research totaling more than $1 million. 


  • Social services
  • Community work
  • Corrections
  • Business
  • College settings
  • Publishing, journalism, and public relations
  • Government services
  • Teaching
  • Graduate school

Plan of Study

Department of Sociology

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