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Volume 58 - 2012

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Issue 1

Editor: John N. Duvall
Associate Editor: Robert P. Marzec
General Issue

(Note: This entire volume is available online through Project Muse)

Author Title Pages
Mitchum Huehls

Referring to the Human in Contemporary Human Rights Literature


Alex Padamsee

The Politics of Sovereignty and Violence in Flora Annie Steel's A Prince of Dreamers

Stephen M. Park

Academic Discourse at Havana: Pan American Eugenics and Transnational Capital in Alejo Carpentier's ¡Écue-Yamba-Ó!
Christopher Conti
The Aesthetic Alibi in The End of the Road

Erin Suzuki

Genealogy and Geography in Patricia Grace's Tu


Jean Wyatt

Failed Messages, Maternal Loss, and Narrative Form in Toni Morrison's A Mercy



Book Reviews




Call For Papers


Issue 2

Editor: John N. Duvall
Associate Editor: Robert P. Marzec
General Issue         

          (Note: This entire volume is available online through Project Muse)                                                       

Author Title Pages


Margaret Church Award

Ian Scott Todd Dirty Books: Modernism and the Toilet

Matthew Hart and Tania Lown-Hecht

The Extraterritorial Poetics of W. G. Sebald
Jason Arthur
The Chinatown and the City: Kingston, Kerouac, and the Bohemian Bay Area
Alissa Karl
A Little Fiction is Good for You: Currency Crisis, The Nation State, and Waugh's African Texts

Michael P. Bibler

How to Love Your Local Homophobe: Southern Hospitality and the Unremarkable Queerness of Truman Capote's "The Thanksgiving Visitor"


Doug Haynes

"Gravity rushes through him": Volk and Fetish in Pynchon's Rilke
Mariangela Palladino
Aphrodite's Faces: Toni Morrison's Love and Ethics

Theron Britt

Review Essay: Cognitive Theory and Literature
Kathy Knapp
Review Essay: Underneath, at the Edges, and in the Heart of the Urban Imagination
  Book Reviews




Call For Papers


Issue 3

Editor: Patrick O'Donnell
Special Issue: New British Fiction

(Note: This entire volume is available online through Project Muse)

Author Title Pages

Stephen J. Burns

Reading the Multiple Drafts Novel 436-458
Daniel Lea The Anxieties of Authenticity in Post-2000 British Fiction 459-476
Caroline Edwards Rethinking the Arcadian Revenge: Metachronous Times in the Fiction of Sam Taylor 477-502
Mrinalini Chakrovorty Brick Lane Blockades: The Bioculturism of Migrant Domesticity 503-528
Sara Brouillette The Pathology of Flexibility in Monica Ali's In The Kitchen 529-548
Pieter Vermuelen The Critique of Trauma and the Afterlife of the Novel in Tom McCarthy's Remainder 549-568
Justus Nieland

Dirty Media: Tom McCarthy and the Afterlife of Modernism

David James John Burnside's Ecologies of Solace: Regional Enviornmentalism and the Consolations of Description 600-615
Mindi McMann British Black Box: A Return to Race and Science in Zadie Smith's White Teeth 616-636
Emily Horton "Everything You Ever Dreamed": Post-9/11 Trauma and Fantasy in Ali Smith's The Accidental 637-654
  Contributers 655
  Calls for Papers xxx



Issue 4

Editor: R. Radhakrishnan
Special Issue: Modern Fiction and Politics

(Note: This entire volume is available online through Project Muse)

Author Title Pages
R. Radhakrishnan Modern Fiction and Politics 659-667
Calina Ciobanu Coetzee's Posthumanist Ethics 668-698
Sohinee Roy Speaking with a Forked Tongue: Disgrace and the Irony of Reconciliation in Postapartheid South Africa 699-722
Mina Karavanta Toni Morrison's A Mercy and the Counterwriting of Negative Communities: A Postnational Novel 723-746
Andrea Spain Event, Exceptionalism, and the Imperceptible: The Politics of Nadine Gordimer's The Pickup 747-772
Hugh O'Connell Mutating Toward the Future: The Convergence of Utopianism, Postcolonial SF, and the Postcontemporary Longing for Form in Amitav Ghosh's The Calcutta Chromosome 773-795
Pramod Nayar A New Biological Citizenship: Posthumanism in Octavia Butler's Fledgling 796-817
Sanjay Krishnan Edward Said, Mahmood Mamdani, V.S. Naipaul: Rethinking Postcolonial Studies 818-836
  Contributers 837





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