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Faculty & Staff News 
In Memoriam:

Ray Nadeau, a former head of the Department of Communication, died on April 14 in Maitland, Fla. He was 87.

Nadeau served as department head from 1964 to 1974. He retired from Purdue in 1978 and headed an advertising agency in West Lafayette.

Nadeau started Purdue's programs in public relations and advertising, said Professor Charles Stewart, who was hired by Nadeau. 

“Ray was a real renaissance person,” Stewart said. “He translated rhetorical theory from the original Greek and Latin, worked for an advertising agency, flew his own airplane and rode his Arabian horse along the Wabash.”

After retiring to Florida in 1983, Nadeau continued to be active, attending law school, teaching at a community college and taking aerial photography for clients, Stewart said.

Nadeau is survived by his wife, Frances; a son, Joseph Nadeau; and two daughters, Julie LeBlanc and Jeanne Stovall. 

Marifran Mattson was promoted to associate professor. Mattson received her Ph.D. from Arizona State in 1995. 

Carolyn Parrish, Information Processing Systems Operator. Parrish, who has been with the department since October 1993, will be taking a paid internship with the National Federation of State High School Associations in Indianapolis.

Awards and Recognitions
William Rawlins, professor, School of Liberal Arts Departmental Award for Educational Excellence; W. Charles Redding Award for Excellence in Teaching; School of Liberal Arts Award for Educational Excellence.

Glenn Sparks, professor, Top Paper Award, Research Division, Broadcast Education Association.

John Greene, professor, editor of the International Communication Association’s Human Communication Research; Top Paper Honor from the Information Systems Division of ICA, in collaboration with graduate students Michael Kirch and Melanie Taylor.

Karen Whedbee, assistant professor, W. Charles Redding Award for Excellence in Teaching.

Robin Clair, associate professor, Outstanding Book of the Year Award (2000) from the Organizational Communication Division of that National Communication Association for her book, “Organizing Silence: A World of Possibilities.”

Austin Babrow, associate professor, Top Three Paper, Health Communication Division, NCA.

Steve Wilson, associate professor, Top Paper, Interpersonal Division, Central States Communication Association.

Brant Burleson, professor, ICA’s Interpersonal Division Applied Communication Award; Top Paper Honor in the Interpersonal Division of ICA, in collaboration with graduate student Jenny Yan Xu.

Josh Boyd, assistant professor, Top Four Paper, Rhetorical Theory and Criticism Division, CSCA.

Patrice Buzzanell, associate professor, Alumnus of the Year, School of Interpersonal Communication, Ohio State University.

Devalina Mookerjee, graduate student, 2001 PRF Research Grant.

Nikki Townsley, graduate student, 2001 PRF Research Grant.

Katerina Tsetsura, graduate student, Top Thesis Award from Fort Hays State University, 1999-2000.

Grants and Fellowships 
Alex Leidholdt, associate professor, Liberal Arts Dean’s Incentive Grant; the Archie K. Davis Fellowship from the North Caroliniana Society for his research on a biography of Nell Battle Lewis.

Matthew Cecil, assistant professor, Liberal Arts Dean’s Incentive Grant; Library Scholars Grant Program Award; Liberal Arts Dean’s Special Library Purchases Grant.

Robin Clair, associate professor, was named Fellow to the Center for Artistic Endeavors at Purdue to finish her novel, “Echoes of Silence.”

Carl Botan, associate professor, National Laboratory Center of Risk Excellence and the Center for Research in Information Assurance and Security for Panoptic Effects of Electronic Surveillance grants.

Josh Boyd, assistant professor, Center for Research in Information Assurance and Security Grant for study of online credit card security communication.

Patrice Buzzanell, associate professor, FIPSE grant for “Collaborating Across Disciplines: A Multidisciplinary Approach to Building Effective Multidisciplinary Student Teams.”

JoAnne Holman, assistant professor, Purdue University Library Grant.

Marifran Mattson, associate professor, Federal Aviation Administration grant for “Proactive Safety Assessment.”

Karen Whedbee, assistant professor, PRF Summer Faculty Grant for “Rhetoric as Political Education: John Stuart Mills’ Reflections on Rhetoric and the Athenian Constitution.”

We’ve been busy in 2000-2001

2 books (3 additional in press)
1 edited book
33 articles (21 additional in press)
14 book chapters (15 additional in press)
36 papers at professional conferences
25 scholarly lectures/presentations

The Communicator is a publication of the Department of Communication at Purdue University and produced 
by students in COM491 under adviser Jane Gibson Natt.