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Study Abroad

While students in the School of Communication elect to study abroad in many countries, we highly recommend several outstanding programs that are tailored to our majors and usually involve faculty members and students from the School.

The Italy Consortium Program (in cooperation with Krannert) offers classes in Communication, Journalism and Business. This program is located just north of Venice, Italy, in a beautiful campus setting with residential housing. Classes are taught in English in modern facilities. Full-semester (up to 18 credits) and summer programs (six credits) are available. For details email Howard E. Sypher or view the Italy Consortium Program website at Purdue. Click here to read a story on this program.

In addition to the full-semester or summer-only Italy program, there are several other programs offered each year for students who wish to study abroad in the summer.

Three of these popular programs include internships along with a 3-credit academic course in an 8-week summer experience:  the London Internship Program, the Sydney Internship Program, and the Beijing Internship program

The School also offers an intensive China Maymester program that takes less than 3 weeks, in partnership with the Krannert School of Management:  the Communication in Global Organizations program. 

The programs above are offered every year.  In addition, individual faculty members sometimes offer programs on a more limited basis, such as Professor Kim’s Summer in Siena program. 

Whether you choose to study in Italy, Australia, Brazil, England, Spain, Singapore, or any of the literally dozens of other countries where we have programs, study abroad will help you gain insight into and make connections with the communication theories and processes you study in the classroom. Your study abroad experience will also help you develop the advanced communication skills that are so highly valued in today's competitive job market.

The world is becoming more and more interconnected. Communicating with others in the international arena will provide the opportunity to develop a global perspective which is so important for addressing today's problems. Not only will study abroad enable you to gain a greater appreciation of other cultures but also provide the opportunity to reflect upon our own society's values, behaviors, and attitudes. Creative solutions are rooted in news ways of seeing and interpreting the world.

Organizations are changing, and employers recognize the need for flexible, adaptable, highly skilled workers who communicate well and can make connections with others unlike themselves. Interviews and surveys of CEOs, managers, and recruiters all indicate that international experience is highly valued in today's workplace, studying abroad in Communication lets you stand out from the crowd.

Besides all the educational and career benefits connected to studying abroad, don't forget to consider how much fun it is to meet new and truly fascinating people, visit those really cool places you only hear about or see in the movies, develop tastes for new types of food and drink, and attend sporting events and doing things that you may never have even heard of before. Make the connection: global learning can be exciting and fun!

Please visit the Purdue Study Abroad website.